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Sep 8, 2010

So, as we have seen with the BGW Ambassador program the park seems to have a rather odd way of picking their "Ambassadors" aka, mommy bloggers. I generally don't get this upset with SEAS, as I understand most business practices, but this program is rather insane. When BGW originally announced it's program, I knew BGWFans wouldn't get picked which is fine, we are a rather small minority. I also assumed there would be /some/ mommy blogging sites, but is SWSA is any indication of what we will see from the final list from BGW.... I just, no words. I figured the concept of this program would be to select blogs across multiple audiences to help the park(s) reach in regards to a social media/blogging presence, but what the actual fuck, EVERY SINGLE BLOG IS A MOMMY BLOGGING SITE! How does that make any fucking sense? At first, I thought the parks should just create their own mommy blogging site. But realistically, they've probably bought every single one of these sites and locked them in somehow. If SEAS thinks targeting JUST mommy bloggers with this program is a good idea, they are extremely mistaken. I can almost guarantee that if you totaled up the page views on each blog on that list, you MIGHT get 100 daily page views. Who the fuck thinks that is net profitable venture? It'll cost more to bring these mommy bloggers in, then they will actually bring in profit/growth.

Now, don't take this as me saying "PICK EVERY THEME PARK ENTHUSIAST SITE" as that's not the case. Frankly, sites like this SHOULD be lower on the list. They know we will consistently show up to the parks, and continue buying season passes. But there is a such a huge market of blogs to chose from,  I just dont see the point of any of this.

From some tweets i've seen, BGW has clearly taken the same direction with their program. It's really unfortunate that the entire SEAS chain thinks hedging their bets on only mommy blogger is a good idea.

So now I will leave with this. I encourage everyone to contact the next few fuck heads individuals here and let them know that mommy bloggers are not the ONLY market out there.

Crystal O'Hea
Diane Centneo
Peter Frey
Michael Hartman
Anne Fischer

tl;dr Fuck heads at SEAS corporate seem to think mommy bloggers are the end game of marketing.


Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
What Busch Gardens needs is a good think tank event with park enthusiasts and people with knowledge about the rest of the amusement indus-

Oh wait that gave us London Rocks...
Sep 28, 2009
That is because they didn't invite some of the hard core fans to the brainstorming meeting (back when the F&W began last year). I guarantee that some great stuff would have been brought to the table.. My guess is they didn't want to hear any negative.

My business philosophy is to find out what people dislike is just as important as to what they like. By finding out what means the most to your clients, means you try harder to make the product better. By listening and evaluating the good and bad; the end result is a stronger-improved product.

Yeah- no one likes to hear that a plan or idea that people worked on flopped or had major flaws- but if you don't know why it flopped- how can it be restructured to better suit the clientele.

This is why I wish they picked me to go to that meeting. I like to listen to both sides and see how things can be worked through to strengthen bonds and loyalties to a product.

Sorry BGW- you lost a good chance had you picked me for that meeting.
Jul 22, 2010
Shane said:
Ah, I remember that brain storming meeting. From what I understand the park didn't like the suggestions and pretended it never happened.

You know we have beaten this one to death and back. Bottom feeders who get free goods in exchange for positive reviews. I told you over a year ago to brace for something like this. I have a feeling (or more than a feeling?) that this program really will stall itself out. Disney has blog w****s down to a science, SEAS cannot replicate that just as they poorly replicate Disney's other botches.
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