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Sep 29, 2009
SeaWorld will be getting rides and experiences based on their sea rescues. It will put guest in the action with different animals in each ride.




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RE: SeaWorld to get new SeaRescue ride(s)

It's worth noting, Joel stated in the webcast that the park getting the new coaster may still be SWSD, and nothing is final. Although, I think SWSA will benefit more from the coaster than a dark ride.
SWSD could use a good foot in the dark ride industry, considering their competition. I'm sure this is what Connor meant, but they better not market the dark ride as a thrill ride if they are not ready to deliver a fulfilling experience.

They basically have the same competition in San Diego as in Florida. San Antonio already has two roller coasters, but they receive mixed reviews. San Diego has one coaster, however, that one receives nothing but praise from most people. I hope this doesn't mean that they will forget about their other parks.
CastleOSullivan said:
I hope this doesn't mean that they will forget about their other parks.

I believe today's webcast was more for a gameplan of the deeply struggling parks, or the parks who have majorly decreased numbers as of late. And that has really been the Seaworld parks. BGW wasn't mentioned at all from what I saw, and BGT was just mentioned in reference to possible resorts for the year-round "destination" parks. Although, I think some capital will be diverted to the Seaworld-branded parks, but the rest of the parks won't be ignored or forgotten about.
I ripped the full quality concept art from the slide deck they presented today.

Warning: These pictures are huge.

SeaRescue Dark Ride Concepts:


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