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if you want to see actors fly, go work on a real production of "Peter Pan" and see how Foy does it.

I got to work with those guys once. They are tight lipped, they brought the rig out we helped them mount it to the correct battens and they showed us how to operate it. That was it. We could not open it and see the internals. But it ran smooth as silk.

If god had meant man to fly, he would have put a wire on our backs.

Somewhere I have a tee-shirt they gave us (the senior tech staff) with that on it.
I'm going to take a wild guess and say the park has spared no expense in order to make the flying looking perfect.
"It will be a very special flying rig. I think the American public is going to be really surprised how top notch, first class, one of a kind, and special this rig is!"
-Donald Trump
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Not that it matters now, but it turns out a theme park telling of the classic A Christmas Carol story is possible. Here's a video of the show that Knott's plays for their winter event, Knott's Merry Farm.
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Since I have to read the book and the play of a Christmas Carol for school the last thing I want right now is to see a classic telling of a Christmas Carol. :p
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