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Apr 9, 2013
That's why I own a Vespa.

In all seriousness, I'm pretty torn on the scooter phenomenon at US theme parks. Truth be told, judging from the parks I've been to overseas, they're simply not there. Same with strollers. When I'm at parks stateside, these contraptions take up a lot of space, they're slow, and those operating them can often... not be particularly great drivers. (All of these gripes are applicable to strollers, as well).

But, I hate the idea of excluding any subset of park goers. I wish there was a better way forward. I do think Americans are wildly out of shape. Plus, parts of life are inaccessible if a person is immobile. You can't scooter up the Grand Canyon. You can't scooter down the Appalachian Trail. So, I dunno. Touchy subject. Tough needle to thread.
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