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Grand Carnivale, Haunt, and WinterFest Aficionado
Jul 26, 2014
Bone Brigade is literally the same thing as the now-former Grave Walkers at KD’s Haunt. Ironically enough, Scarowinds is introducing a new scare zone with the same name....

Also, super interesting to see that they’re doing a closing ceremony of sorts. Take notes, KD!
Apr 1, 2010
The mountain of dirt out front is being level. New parking? Unblock new hotel view?


Like BGW, less is the new theme. The front decoration has been reduces to only a head. Some new skeleton sets are up. The elaborate columns of flames at the entrance are gone. Same intro show with a new name. The Overlord show is not new just because you rename it and do the exact same thing as before. A closing act of the same nature was added if you want to stay until 15 minute before closing to watch it. (Spoilers: Don’t bother.) NO new houses with no changes. Not only no new but less. Zombie High is even a standing building. Why was it axed? No puns. Also, less shows. WTH is with this new trend?

The atrium has been stripped again. The merchandising is super scant. The displays are nice, though.

FYI, moving an area to a new location doesn’t NOT make it new. Mass Acres is now Grave Walkers over in the boardwalk. Does not work there. "Hey, it worked for Overlord to call it different. This will work guys!" Not. Fleet Street was changed from blue lights to red lights. Dead Man's Landing has a hugemongous working skull fountain.

In it's old place is Outlaws Revenge, which actually IS new. Some nice good sized sets and costumes here. The horse skeleton is very popular.
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Age of Darkness is very scant but very nicely done. The gobo projections convey the story and the sets here are some of the largest I’ve seen. I would like to see BGW build something on this scale. I put a person in the gate for scale in the last photo

The Harmony Hall stage is dark. Skeleton Crew has been fantastic, but is lackluster this year. Lots of spinning and jumping.

Oh, and there is this random new, unnamed, unlisted area. It has a bunch of huge bird cages with actors in black angle costumes. Could be good if was fleshed out. Why was it not mentions anywhere?

The atmosphere gets an A+. We enjoyed walking around. The lighting, and lack thereof, was very well done. Lots of darkness and lots of fog and lots of collisions.

The one surprise standout was also the most simplest. Bone Brigade was a street show ala Boogie Band/Grave Diggers at BGW. Just adding dancers. I really enjoyed this show. Nice music arrangements, choreography, and costumes. Great interaction with he crowd since they were right in it.

Did I mention it was Friday the 13th with a full moon? The next will be in 30ish years. We HAD to be at a haunt for this date.

The elaborate makeup, suits and prosthetics are significantly reduce. Mostly it's just airbrush makeup now. Overall it just felt lacking. Why all the cutbacks? I’d expect this at BGW, but Carowinds has been delivering until this year.


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Maybe the industry-wide scaling back of Halloween events has something to do with the recent expansion of Christmas events? Sucks you had a lackluster experience, though.
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