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Sep 17, 2014
Hello people, sorry I have not been on here for a bit Ive been out of town. If any one is interested in hanging out and meeting up let me know. I will have a guest with me from a HOS 2009 with me. I get off work  at noon, and we will be meeting up in Ireland area near Grogan's Pub. We shouldn't be too hard to find, we should be wearing House of Vayne hoodies ifs  they get here from Tampa on time, or we will be wearing the Cursed hoodies. If anyone wants to hang out new friends and old friends, come hang out. We will be doing some shows and mazes just for grins and giggles. Come out have fun, glad to be back home in the Burg.


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OOOPPSIIEEE, I put Sept, I meant this upcoming Saturday Oct.18th, sorry my mind was a month behind too much travelling in the last few weeks.
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