Existing San Marco (Italy)

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Sep 29, 2009
I do not like the new soundtrack at all, however, that opinion is separate from my taste for the music. The soundtrack is even more sporadic (in a bad way) than the music that played for a while in and around Il Teatro di San Marco.

I actually excused that music since it fit Mix it Up's new Italian restaurant theme. This time, it affects the entire area. Italy has so many separate sound channels, you would think they could isolate it to the plaza of Marco Polo's Marketplace. Only then could I see it making any sense since MPM is a more eclectic restaurant, just like the music. I would love it if the park could find a solution like they did previously with MIU's themed playlist. The park has had have had up to 6 distinct sound zones in San Marco proper (not counting Pompeii or Festa Italia) at one time. They even added new speaker rigging and shade. This proposal should be very easy for them compared to that.

As for the music by itself: I am not as opposed to it as one might think. The music bears a shocking resemblance to the range of variety in German music in the 1900s. Since I know very little of modern German music, this music hits some similar receptors. Notice that I didn't say heartstrings.

While not al horrible songs by themselves, none of it really moves me the way the sweeping instrumental score did. All of that music went at a rather carefree, yet consistent tempo, much like the swinging of The Battering Ram, or the spinning of The Flying Machine. The intro to Bella piccinina in particular sounds like it could have been written exclusively for one of those rides.

It sounded nothing short of magical in comparison to this new playlist that seems to have been compiled without any concern about its surroundings. There are some songs that I would love listening to almost anywhere outside of Busch Gardens, such as the song "L'anima Vola" by Elise. I also like the sound of "Sui Monti Del Cadore" by Coro Lombardo. The men's choir sound like the Italian equivalent of what Germans would call sailor music. Still, even the best of the new songs could never compare to the luster of the old score that fit perfectly with the surroundings.
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