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Zimmy said:
if only they had some kind of animal safari ride...

I wish, but I don't think it will ever happen. I think the animal statues are the closest we'll ever get.
A permanent petting zoo could be a future possibility, but I think that's as good as we will ever get with Cedar Fair. Not that I see anything wrong with that.
Haunt's petting zoo was just a temporary setup brought from an outside contractor. If a permanent exhibit ever came into fruition, it would probably be more like the setup I described in the Concepts Think Tank.
I understand that. I also would contend that they allowed the animals to be kept in those conditions in their park and associated with their name.

Had I been KD I would have prevented it from happening. It us no different than the good vendors. Ultimately, they are responsible for what happens in their park.
While I don't blame the park for the conditions, I do blame them for standing by and allowing it to happen in their gates.

KD is sorta the equivalent of Apple in the Foxconn suicide issue. KD hired the petting zoo contractor just as Apple hired Foxconn. The working conditions at Foxconn are notoriously horrible but it took years and many news stories about a string of suicides for Apple to step in and start doing something about the issues at the factory. Apple wasn't directly responsible for the conditions at the Foxconn factory, but I, personally, believe that they had a responsibility to do something about the conditions the people who were providing them a service were working under.
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Oh! I see what you're saying. (I think we were sort of discussing different topics :p.) I agree with what you're saying about the Haunt petting zoo. The corrals for some of the larger animals, such as the llamas, were so small that they didn't even have as much room to turn around. It was actually kind of appalling.

My point is that a permanent petting zoo at KD would need to be, and probably would be, much larger. Sort of like how the setup was for the pigs by Cornstalkers. You could still pet them when they came close, but they had plenty of room to roam. Plus, they were just sort of blended into the attraction instead of being an attraction all in their own.

On second thought, maybe that would be a better approach. There are plenty of smallish, empty plots dotting Safari Village. Maybe they could allocate some enclosures for smaller animals throughout the area.
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I liked the pig area near Cornstalkers. I just worry that they tolerated what was happening in Planet Snoopy.
^This. The rambunctiousness of some children in Planet Snoopy does worry me. During Haunt, I actually saw a little girl pick up a rabbit and drop it onto the metal corral, with the metal fence hitting it right in the stomach. I was flabbergasted. Fortunately, the little bunny was okay, but I made sure to tell the attendant, who quickly went to talk to the girl.

Point is, maybe less of an actual petting zoo and more of just a "traditional" animal enclosure would be more ideal. I'd hate to see the safety of the animals come at the expense of some over-eager children.

Edit: Since it's sounding like schools will be closed for a little while, maybe I'll start writing up a new concept.
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Oh, the Monorail. What a memory. That thing was the best ride on a 90 degree day in the middle of summer. Perfect way to sit and cool off. I was 6-8 years old during my rides on it. There was no water park back then. At least they kept their village and remnants of the past with animal statues.
This area needs a serious revamp. I was walking through today and it felt dead, soulless. Safari Village has always been a patchwork quilt of themes and appearances, but with Volcano gone I’ve realized how disjointed the area is. The theming is just “African” enough that the area still has some sort of overarching feel, but everything feels outdated and forgotten. Even the sound system here is muffled and almost impossible to hear. I once considered Safari Village one of the park’s most beautiful areas, but now it has fallen behind; it feels nearly untouched since the Paramount days. It’s hard to believe this section is in the same park as International Street and the Hanover Hill district of Candy Apple Grove.

I hope that whenever Volcano gets replaced, the park does some serious planning to refresh the entire area- a la Candy Apple Grove in 2016 and 2018, Soak City in 2015, and Planet Snoopy in 2013. I’m fine with keeping the African theme, but infrastructure work is desperately needed. Replace the barely-audible sound system. Add a bathroom. Add congruence to the various forms of pavement in the area. Tie Backlot into the area’s theme.

I love Safari Village as an idea, but right now, it feels like the red-headed stepchild of an otherwise quickly-improving and rapidly-beautifying park.
I’m not sure which thread to go to being that I couldn’t find one for Jungle-X… but I was wondering how opening day of the area is for those who are there. What rides are open? Any changes?
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