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I am intrigued that the park might re-build the safari amphitheater. Though, I am not sure if what is shown on the map is for 2015.

I cannot remember if it was on this site or on another, where someone posted a park master plan of what Kings Dominion might have looked like while under Paramount ownership. There were many attractions on the map that never came to fruition. Or, it ended up being a very modified/different attraction that was constructed compared to what was envisioned on the master plan.

I think the colorized/highlighted map of the water park renovation/expansion, is the finalized portion of that master plan.

The rest of that map, that shows part of the Safari area with the amphitheater, is a future possibility. At this point, I don't think I can say the return of the amphitheater is guaranteed for 2015. Though, with the Halloween show being produced in that area this fall, it could be built in the near future (2015 or 2016).
Here is an enlarged image of the new stage. It looks like it will be a very large structure, taking up about as much space as the Dodgem building, and being comparable to Snoopy's Showplace in capacity.
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Joe, the original Safari amphitheater was much smaller than the current Peanuts/Snoopy showplace venue. The photo Mazakman shared above of the original amphitheater occupied almost exactly the same space as the potential new Safari theater shown on that portion of the park's master plan.

The original Safari amphitheater seated close to 300 folks. The current Peanuts/Snoopy Showplace could seat around 900 people. The Safari venue capacity was only 1/3 that of the Showplace venue.

The proposed new Safari venue would not occupy any more space than the original amphitheater.
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I found a few photos of the original Safari Amphitheater on KD Golden Year's Facebook site. They, in turn, give photo credit to the following folks:

Stefanie W. (Photo 1)


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Finally, I found the photo of the Paramount master Plan for Kings Dominion on KD Golden Years Facebook site. I think they created this in the mid-late 1990's as it shows Flight of Fear as an existing attraction on the master plan.

Fun to see what actually was constructed/built during Paramount's ownership and what never saw the light of day. Keep in mind the photo of the master plan is not extremely sharp so some areas are a little out of focus.

Anyway, I find it fascinating to see what Paramount had envisioned back then.

(Admins, if you feel this needs to go into its own thread, please do as you see fit).



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The "Starfleet Academy" attraction makes me wonder if Paramount was planning to tie it in with Flight of Fear for a space-themed land. This is a fascinating find. Good job, mwhinva!
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Oh my God, that map is so beautiful. Why Paramount, why?

Also, is the "Safari Theater" at bottom left corner the entertainment in Livingston's restaurant? It looks to be in that exact location.
^ Joe, yes. "Safari Theater" became "Livingston's" a year or two after the above map was created.
Joe said:
Oh my God, that map is so beautiful. Why Paramount, why?

Also, is the "Safari Theater" at bottom left corner the entertainment in Livingston's restaurant? It looks to be in that exact location.

The map photo Jonquil shared was one of the souvenier maps you could purchase for a buck or two. The basic maps, handed out at either the parking booth or main gate, were more utilitarian and were not artistically drawn as nice at the one shown above.
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I've created a little animation of the evolution of the Safari Village Amphitheater/Stage using selected satellite imagery from 1994-2012. The Amphitheater/Stage disappears sometime between 2005-2007 but I can't determine exactly when the old showplace was removed due to the poor quality of the imagery between those years. The transitions aren't totally smooth because the satellite camera position, time of day, season, etc. is slightly different for each year's photograph. I was able to match them fairly well because of the stable landmarks like The Hungry Hippo and Anaconda. You can also see Monsoon Chutes disappear between 1994 & 2004, and the Diamond Falls event building disappear between 2004 & 2007.

I'm almost positive it got removed after the 2005 season since Backlot Stunt Coaster(or Italian Stunt Job at that time) opened in 2006.
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^ Backlot Stunt Coaster (née Italian Job Stunt Coaster) is on the land previously occupied by Monsoon Chutes & Diamond Falls. The construction of the coaster wouldn't have necessitated the removal of the Safari Village Amphitheater, but I bet you're right that Paramount decided to demolish it while they were in the area building Backlot/Italian Job.
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