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Mar 16, 2016
So I've been thinking about this with V:TBC being taken out.

This is the golden chance for KD to completely remake Safari Village into something new. I wouldn't mind seeing it become Blue Ridge Village, themed to the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia.

I-305 can maintain it's theming elements as associating NASCAR with the BRM is a natural connection. I wouldn't mind seeing BLSC have it's body shells redone to look more older car styles. Change some of the more "LA" elements of the course to look more forrest like. The mid course stop just needs to be refurbed, as that can have voices yelling about getting the product out. And light the final run to look like running through a forrest at night. In case you aren't catching the idea of what I'm throwing down: BLSC would be themed to and named "Moonshine Run".

FoF being updated is one I struggle with. It's so out of place with its Outer Limits theme. I'll come back to this one.

Anaconda can remain the same TBH.

But the "core" of Safari Village is what would go through the biggest change to me.

Avalanche mostly stays the same, just get rid of the Bobsled/Olympics look to it and update with single colors on the trains. Plant many more trees, and extend the mountain some to come to the base of Avalanche. Overall themed to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Update the name to "Parkway Cruize".

The mountain is where my biggest idea comes in. Completely refurb it, paint the outside more green, and instead of a volcano look, it has more of a mountain look. 2 queues go into the mountain, one for an attraction inside the mountain, one or an attraction behind the mountain. The inside of the mountain, a kids friendly coaster, based on the new steeplechase model from S&S, "Mystic Ridge" a heavily themed indoor coaster with no large drops, a steady pace, the coaster is set to the "Magic inside the mountains" with trolls and other magical creatures.

Behind the mountain, an infinity euro-fighter coaster. There is enough space back there for something like this. A coaster with brown supports, green track, along with a white and brown car. Calling this "Hunt of the Eagle". The whole experience designed to replicate the way an eagle would hunt and dive as it goes for its prey. So the area would get re-planted with trees, a little pond/stream put in under the cobra roll. The entire queue would have plaques and elements educating about the amazing bird that is the bald eagle.

Where The Crypt was at, put in a ABC Rides gyroscope ride. I think this is. worthy successor to the Huss Rides style of the same idea ride, but with extra twists thrown in. Themed area to the bobcat, naming the ride "Bobcat Rumble".
I love all the thought and detail in this plan! But wouldn’t the theme be redudntant with Old Virginia, which is already themed to the Blue Ridge region?
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I love all the thought and detail in this plan! But wouldn’t the theme be redudntant with Old Virginia, which is already themed to the Blue Ridge region?

I thought about that, but I think you could do up Old Virginia to be more "country" and "turn of the century", while this stayed with the more modern Blue Ridge. In all honestly I might make this more of a full park concept of Kings Dominion: Virginia, and all the areas will have a bit more of a Virginia flair, like Soak City being more VABeach like, CAG staying similar, but getting an "Americana/Washington DC" look. Main gate going from international street to a more "Ambassadors Row" type feel.
... a full park concept of Kings Dominion: Virginia The Commonwealth...

I actually like this idea. There would be a great opportunity for things like a bar showing UVA v. VPI games. UVA winning the NCAA Men's Basketball Toury, William and Mary Beating VPI in Basketball. ODU Beating VPI in Football...

Seriously we do take our College sports seriously, you could theme something to the various State Schools. An Orange and Blue roller coaster would be a fine addition!

Also consider the options for VA Gov History. A ride themed to all the VA US Presidents perhaps.

Every morning when they raise the flag they could play the Good Ole Song...
Fair point.
Oh UVA's everything else is amazing...
In the 21st century alone, UVA has won twelve NCAA team national championships. The men's teams have won recent NCAA titles in baseball (2015); soccer (2014 and 2009); lacrosse (2011, 2006, and 2003); and tennis (2017, 2016, 2015, and 2013). UVA women have won recent NCAA titles in lacrosse (2004) and rowing (2012 and 2010).
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Listen here. My school (that I root for) and my school (that I graduated from) are just better.

UConn and PSU laugh at those records. Especially PSU wrestling.
Not the place for this discussion unless someone is proposing an area themed to a sports team a la Steeler's Country at Kennywood.
Actually this started with my suggesting there be an area that was specific to the VA Schools and perhaps a bar/ cafe where they could show VA School sports.
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I am fairly certain UVA is inside the Commonwealth of Virginia and is in the mountains. I could be wrong about that.

Wait... No Charlottesville is clearly in VA and in clearly in the mountains.
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