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I'm imagining the insane amount of theming one can do with a ride like this.

Consider me hyped.
I guess they didn't install brakes on the prototype. This POV goes longer and you see it roll back past the start and partway through the track backward. I guess eventually it changes directions again and slowly rolls back but we don't see that. Or maybe it valleyed. In any case it makes me want one of these that is actually designed to go forward and backward. That would be super cool:

I feel like the main point here is the ability for the seats to move independent of the track vertically and laterally, basically the idea behind the X coaster except not on a wing and no need for computer controlled rotations.

With that, I'm curious if they were to use the trick track concept from either Hagrid's or Pantheon how that experience would be with this design
This concept has me so excited. It just seems to me like a modern take on the Arrow suspended and I can't wait for these to be installed. I have missed that feeling only the Arrow suspendeds have ever provided
I wouldn't mind Six Flags making an expanded version of one of these new Joker in terms of cloning and plopping. The world needs more suspended coasters.
I couldn't tell if on the prototype there was any sort of mechanism that locks the seats from spinning
I'm really interested in what the loading/unloading would look like with this concept.
I saw in an interview an S&S engineer said loading/unloading is easiest from the inverted position, and you would load like any other invert.
I think this will feel fairly different from an arrow suspended. You aren't suspended from a swinging arm. The motion is going to be different. However I agree that Big Bad Wolf was great. Loved it.
Finally got around to watching these vids. Wow, this looks fantastic. Way to go S&S! Can't wait to ride one.
Is that a launch up into the first drop? Was a little hard to tell if that is what they are showing. Looks fantastic either way.
It is in the prototype. In the rendered concept it looks like a near vertical lift hill
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