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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
screamscape said:
Park News - (10/15/12) The county signed a deal with Sustainable Playland, a not-for-profit group who will take their vision to reinvent Playland for the next generation. The new plan was described as a “civic-commercial partnership” which hopes to not only save Playland, but make it profitable once again as well.
The group will invest $34 million into the park and broaden its appeal with new features and attractions, while keeping the parks historic rides like the Dragon Coaster, Derby Racer and Kiddyland in place. A new waterpark area overlooking the boardwalk will be added as well as outdoor ballfields, an indoor field house, more restaurants, renovated Ice Casino and a new outdoor skating rink. A Great Lawn will also be set up for concerts and special events.
The plan will return the park to have free admission and allow riders to pay per attraction, but the biggest change will be a new operating calendar that will see Playland open year round. While most of the actual rides will be closed in the winter, the opportunity to lure in people for other activities year-round hopes to be the plan needed to turn Playland around.

Having gone to this park last year I must say that it's great to hear about investors interested in keeping such a historic little park from being closed. It's had quite a troubled history, and it's really only on the map due to the Dragon Coaster, one of the oldest rides in the Northeastern US. I'd love to see this park turned into more of, well for lack of a better term, a park due to just how odd it is with a closed down swimming hole and a separate admission ice rink along with a park that charges parking and an entrance fee.

I personally feel it would be in their best interests to turn it into more of a knoebels like park due to just how small they are, and they're not exactly a hot spot for people from outside the region to go to. It would be great business to attract people from the city away from New Jersey and Pennsylvania by offering those people much of the same amenities for a much lower price overall (not to mention there being no tolls to get there either).

Also Rye, New York is an absolutely stunning little town for being so close to New York City. It's quite beautiful but the property values are outrageous, along with the gas!
I am bumping a 6 year old thread to bring some pretty exciting news.

An update was put into the county recently about the planned future for Rye Playland which includes an overall layout of new / existing rides, catering pavilions, foodstands, and a coaster.


That new coaster has a near identical layout to the historic Airplane Coaster that operated more than 60 years ago. It appears to be returning. GCI has stated they possess the original blueprints and a few years back they made a NoLimits recreation of it:
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Hope you all like bullshit because shit's hitting the fan. Westchester County is cancelling the investment agreement with Standard Amusements. In another story Standard Amusements is firing back about concerns of the condition of Rye Playland from previous county management, and even offered a $23 million increase in investment.

I for one am not a fan of political meddling but if you want my honest opinion I want to know what the hell is going through this guy's head when he thinks an agreement that lessens the tax burden on the county AND provides a safe future for a historic park is not a good deal and cancels it after 16 months of setting things up.
This place is a continuing horror story. Rotten wood and rusted out screws on their 90 year old Dragon Coaster.

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