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Atlantis said:
Something fishy is going on. Trying to sort it out but crazy stuff is being said. I would say if I knew what it meant but honestly have no idea what all this means. Some sources are still not ruling sale out.

The phrase "O what a tangled web we weave" comes to mind here
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Is Six Flags even in a financial position to buy any new parks? Last I checked they were just recovering from bankruptcy. Outside of X-Flight, most of their additions haven't been too large-scale either. You can see all the park's additions growing little by little, but I can't see them buying out any parks put up for sale.
From what I read online last week from an artical out of a Flordia newspaper they have decided to keep the parks for at least 2 more years personaly I would love to see a family run business again with no stock market involved. To many people trying to get a slice of the pie this way...
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