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Thanks for the photo of the cinnamon bears. That was usually our first stop of the day to see how much the cubs had grown during the season.

A favorite story we still mention occasionally happened near a pen of goats. One of my friends said, "Mmm, they look delicious!" A precocious, young girl put her hands on her hips and responded, "HEY!" We still laugh about her response. XP
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GeoUSA said:
Who remembers Critter Crackers?

The first time I ever got a handful of those and went inside the goat pen I practically got trampled over as the whole clan mobbed anyone with food. One of the males would even ram you if you didn't give him any, so after that, I just fed them from outside the fence.
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mtpelepele said:
I remember those goats fondly.  One of them bit my ex-wife in the butt.

That never happened to me but they always like to nibble on my shirt tail. Those bitches were always so damn hungry!!!
I found a few more photos of the cinnamon bears from 1995 or 1996.  Apologies for the quality -- these are from the days before digital cameras so you never knew what you had captured until much later.



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