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Aug 17, 2010
I know there has been some discussion here in the forums about this, and I decided to make a thread for it. The Royal Palace Theatre is conspicuously lacking shows this year. My favorite Busch show of the last ten years or so was held there: Imaginique. I loved that show and I wish that they could bring it back. Then, they replaced it with Kinetix, which was good, but not as great. Now, nothing is there. Anyone know why? Anyone have anything to say about RPT shows? Post 'em here.
The shows in the RPT were designed to keep guests in the park later, which is why they were scheduled at closing time. This year Illuminights took that function; specifically the fireworks kept even more people in the park than the shows in RPT. I expect that Illuminights will return next year, especially since the attendance did stay so high later in the day.

Imaginique was a great show, but became costly for the park because the entire show was out-of-house/contracted by Busch to perform there. Kinetix was a mostly in house show. The dancers and singers were all hired through BG entertainment department. Only the acrobats were a foreign contract.

All Illuminights performers except the acrobats in Italy were hired just like ScareSquad for the event. They didn't need to be professionals, just display some talent.
RPT held the choir and band concerts/competitions earlier in the year, so it wasn't completely empty. My thought on this is that BGW might move their summer concerts into the theatre if construction on something begins out in the Festhaus Park area. I'm not sure how the seating compares to the amount of people you can get into FP, but it seems like it would be big enough.
I would love to see the concerts brought into RPT since that wouldn't impede on the space of anything else going on. That way, it would free up FP for a big, bad ride. :)
For the record, Festhaus Park can hold almost three times more people than the Royal Palace Theatre can, that's why it was chosen at this Summer's concert venue. Throw in the extra perks the area has (close the picnic areas, etc.) and it was an easy decision. Don't give up hope on the RPT yet .. there's some use left in her still (besides school functions). :)
I miss the ice skating shows back in the day during HoS. I was in middle school at the time and I remember doing that last and it was stupid cold outside. Big jackets, kettle corn, and that show completed my day.
I don't remember an ice skating show, though it does seem like a good show for Christmas Town, eh? :D
Franco said:
I don't remember an ice skating show, though it does seem like a good show for Christmas Town, eh? :D

It was for HoS themed around a vampire
Just out of curiosity, LoveDoc, why is that info off limits?

And I'll start the bidding by guessing 500.
I'm wondering the same thing Franco. We can know the max capacity of the Griffon station (see sign in station) but not of a huge field?
You're probably right, Shafor. It's been a LONG time since I've been to Festhaus Park, and I was just throwing out a number.
I have used an educated mathematical formula to equate a possible capacity within a 20% accuracy
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