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If RPT could hold almost ans many people as FHP, then there would be no need to keep FHP... Plus, we may be looking at renovation for FHP because of a rumored train station and resort back there
Yep... Get rid of FHP to make room for a resort, expand RPT to accommodate larger crowds for concerts
Was I the only one who thought they wouldn't be getting rid of RPT? In the end adding on to it is just a more cost effective solution than building a whole new amphitheater. RPT is a real nice theater for a themepark too btw. Why get rid of a perfectly good theater? Any Expansion that could fit in the RPT area would be better suited for Festhaus park anyways. If the park is getting a resort and an entrance #2, A "entrance county #2"/expansion would be perfect to go on back there.
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^ This exactly.

The pieces are beginning to make themselves known- we just have to put them together correctly. With this new piece added to the pile, I can't see anything but an expansion into Festhaus Park soon after the resort opens (assuming things don't change).
Could there be a chance all they are doing is putting back the seats they took out years ago?
BG Europe Fan said:
I doubt it. That kinda thing wouldn't require permission from the Planning Commision, though it may require a building permit.
Some things like adding seating may not need a permit. It all determines on what they are going to do. If they just add seats to the back area, they will not need a permit to do this work. But, if they remove the building that is in the back part or build something more major then they will need a permit to do this work.
BTW, there is not much of a building back there... just a lighting booth... most of what you see is actually just a wall
Could the original rumors of Spain be true then? After all, FHP was a very hot spot for the Spain rumors. If they choose to renovate RPT then that means they don't need to build a new amphitheater, which means prime real estate for a new country, right?
cpt Awesome said:
BTW, there is not much of a building back there... just a lighting booth... most of what you see is actually just a wall
I was just looking at the permit itself and they are only looking for 400sqft of space. So, does this mean a new lighting booth and adding more seating to the open space between the lighting and the current back row of seats. Because 400sq foot is not much at all. Even if they push the wall back 10 feet.
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Probably jut that then, but I would say it really is just new seating then. Because it doesn't say anything really other than seating.
I agree with you. So what do you think they are going to do?

Adding seating doesn't need a permit of this nature, that's if the park wants play by the rules. Remember, I live in Maryland near SFA and this wouldn't need a permit.

The only way to find out is to check with the county to see if any other permits (electricial or plumbing) pulled by the park which would help tell us what they are doing or someone check with their little birdie.
I would imagine the only other permit they need is for electrical and they could move the wall/lighting booth back a few feet and add a lot more seating. Also, it depends where is the seating going? The very back of the theater, the sides, or any other unknown place? Maybe even stadium seating?
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