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Rose up from the dead and all I got was a t-shirt
Apr 25, 2011
Really, This thread is ment for the discussion of the Roman Rapids.
Questions, Ideas, anything as long as it has to do with the Roman Rapids.
Anyways, my question is, do you actually like the roman rapids? For me, that awnser is yes. I'v loved them ever since my 5th grade field trip to busch gardens.
It's a lot of fun. The line is always long when I go though and it's kinda short. While it's still good, I find it to be the weakest link in terms of water rides. The closest comparison is White Water Canyon, which I think is better by a slim margin. I'd like to see them redo it and to have drops, more theming, a storyline, and have it be a roulette if you get either wet or dampened in a variety of creative ways. The waterfalls are just a cheap way to soak the remaining dry ones in the raft. I want to get wet and cool off, not get soaked and chafe all day. Passable if there's a long line IMO.
I'd be one thing if I could just avoid them, but you can't. Why? There's always that one group of kids who decide that it's a good idea to ride a coaster after getting soaked on a water ride. Log flumes are fine- you don't really get all that wet; but rapids rides are a whole other story.
pandorazboxx said:
I'd prefer more fans or some misters in the queue.

Too bad you can't ride, then wait in line...I'll get Einstein and Tesla on that right away.
ha, yea, maybe it's a mental thing too, but under that queue tent it gets real hot, especially when there are lots of people there.
Haha, they should just set up the queue for RR with a bunch of spray hoses you walk through and axe the ride itself.
I LOVE rapids rides, but for some reason I am not a big fan of Roman Rapids. If there was more trees around it and better rapids, I am sure I would love it.
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