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The ride platform on this always gets me! :)
It made one of my friends so dizzy one time, he fell flat on his face! Luckily, no one else was on it because it was cold that day. It's a very weird feeling though.
Roman Rapids is one of the three Intamin Rides at BGW (Roman Rapids, Escape from Pompeii, and The Battering Ram)
Alpenghöst said:
At least EitA looks decent. RR is just slabs of concrete.

Because nothing says "You're going to be riding a futuristic helicopter" better than the dungeons of a castle.

RR has more than slabs of concrete. There could be more than just the statues, sure. But, it's fine otherwise.

At least with RR if you get in line, you don't have to wait for 20-30 minutes, for more people to show up just so you can ride. And during the hot summers, RR almost always has a line. It's a good ride.
It has decent theming, but only in the area that spectators can see... the whole second half of the ride is nothing. Also, to clarify, Europe in the Air isn't a ride... it's an atrocity; RR is a ride, and in my opinion, one of the worst in the park.
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I love Roman Rapids, but never ride it, because the line is always ridiculous. I've never taken much notice of the theming on the ride, though, because I'm always looking out for waterfalls and such. Next time I go, I'll have to pay attention.
I love Roman Rapids and I think the themeing is fine, yes it's not on the scale of Verbolten themeing but it's doable. Plus it's a fun ride. Look at Apollos Chariot. Where is the themeing for that? Yet it is still the most loved ride. Roman Rapids has more themeing than Apollos Chariot and is just as fun. It's always a GP favorite.
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I love the gigantic concrete wall that you can see from apollo's queue. They really need some dirt in that area to 1) hide the wall and 2) hopefully get some more roman items there, maybe a garden.
While RR isn't the worst ride in the park, it's certainly taking up a lot of valuable real estate. It also doesn't match the park's future plans.
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