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Jul 20, 2011
Hello! To everyone thank you for posting in advance! It means a lot.

I plan on visiting BGW the weekend before fourth of July, and I'm a bit worried about crowds. My family and I were planning on doing the Roller Coaster Insider, and I was wondering if there's a lot of ERT during the tour or if it's minimal. Also, is there any difference between the Roller Coaster Tour Participant and Observer other than the fact that if you're an observer you don't go to the top of Griffon?

With that being said, would it be better to just get QQU to cut the lines later in the day, or is the Roller Coaster Insider worth it?

And finally, do you guys think the crowds will be bad the weekend of June 31st?

Thank you!
IIRC the tour only allows one waitless ride. QQ is going to fall back on if you want lines or not, that is all your opinion since there is a good cost directly involved. Fourth of July the past two years I have been at the park and there has not really been an overly heavy crowd (I think Illumi has affected that). Yes, the crows will be heavy at the end of July.
It's 2 rides on LNM, Griffon, Alpie, and AC... the only 2 differences is A. you don't go to the top, and B. you don't have to be 14... if you are looking to get a lot of rides in, go QQU, but if you want to know more about the coasters at BG, go RCI
yea, two rides on the 4 coasters. I don't believe it includes Verbolten yet. Plus you get a QQ for one reride on those coasters for the rest of the day. It's a pretty awesome tour. I'd recommend that. It's a good two hours or so long tour. You get to see some maintenance bays and get a couple rides on griffon and alpengheist with no one else on it. Usually there's other guests in there for AC and LNM. Plus you get a whole bunch of nice pictures too.
I'd say insider tour. you get to have rides on all rides after riding the rides in the morning a couple times. so you get to ride everything and it doesn't hurt to wait in the lines if you already rode them a couple times.
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