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Sep 23, 2009
RE: Rockin' The Boat (1998 or Earlier to ?)

It ran from the 1997 season through Oct 29th 2000
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Shane said:

It ran from the 1997 season through Oct 29th 2000

I was just reminded of this article again looking through my old information. Shane has already put a link up. However, I noticed no one had said anything about this post. I'm not sure if anyone took note of the talented performer for Captain Dingy in the interview. So, I thought I should point it out.
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I unfortunately never got to see this show live, but I have watched clips of it on YouTube and absolutely love's so full of energy! And I did notice who played Captain Dingy in the article...I am quite surprised (but glad of course) that he is back at Busch Gardens, for in my opinion, he and many others in this show should be on Broadway! They are all such fantastic singers, dancers and actors.
Shane said:
Loved this show. I know it never fit with the "Hastings Theme" but it was very well put on. The good ol' days of the Magic Lantern!

To be honest, none of the shows that played at the Magic Lantern Theater in those days "fit" the Hastings Theme. The during first 2-3 years of BGW's operations, there was a large scale puppet show from Sid & Marty Krofft. Then, in the late 1970's, was the start of a wonderful string of Broadway-style shows. Most ran for 2-4 years before being retired for the next production. It was not until the makeover into Ireland did the theater house a show tied to the culture of the area.
Maybe we should return to the broadway style shows not fitting theme. In fact, those are probably some of the best shows.
Good point, PR! Let's remove the small trace of matching theme it actually has and let Scott run with it! While we're at it, let's go ahead and give Killarney Kommotion its own venue because it fits that criteria so perfectly. Good things are bound to happen.
I was only saying, the park is able to to make great shows that do not fit the theme at all. What is so wrong about a show inside a theater that does not fit the theme? As long as the show is good, does it really need to fit the theme?

Plenty of shows that do not fit the theme have been well enjoyed, such as Rockin' the Boat.
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In all seriousness, you're right. The park has, and still has the potential to, make great shows, even if they don't match the area. I think what Shane and I are getting at is that with Gasparich, asking for shows that don't fit the theme is just opening up a whole new level of crazy glitter concoctions he likes to come up with. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a great show; even if it doesn't fit the theme, an isolated (but high-quality) show is fine.

The problem is when it goes beyond just being a show. Killarney Kommotion took over the entire feel/look of Ireland and basically ruined it for the summer season; you couldn't avoid it. Plus, it was a downright godawful show.

I actually would not mind London Rocks at all if it were just the show. Problem is, Gasparich is changing the entire area it is in to reflect the out-of-place-ness of the show. No.

Finally, Entwined is such a failure in my eyes because it's not located in just a show venue, but also the park's main restaurant, an enormous air-conditioned building, and the park's iconic and formerly a seemingly-authentic beer hall. Entwined's biggest problem is that it is so misplaced.

A good show can be anything it wants as long as it is worth the quality we expect the park to show and it doesn't affect the experience of the entire park for the worse.

EDIT: I want to apologize to Party Rocker if I came off as being rude, because I really didn't mean to. Gasparich just gets me goin' sometimes! :cool:
Just a few notes on that,

While I do agree that the vice president is not the best guy suited for the job, I'd feel that he has the potential to churn out something many people can enjoy. Keep in mind, this is the guy that brought us Fiends in the Abbeystone, Blood Banquet, O Tannenbaum, Miracles, Ripper Row, and Gloria! All of which have been really great. And not all of those have glitter in them.

Killarney Kommotion is not that bad, I mean yes it ruined an entire hamlets theme, but it was enjoyable to some. If only they could have put more work and thought into it.

Everything else I totally agree with you on :p
Party Rocker said:
Just a few notes on that,

{...)Keep in mind, this is the guy that brought us Fiends in the Abbeystone, Blood Banquet, O Tannenbaum, Miracles, Ripper Row, and Gloria! {...}

Sorry, but all of that except O Tannenbaum and Blood Banquet were shows that he had nothing to do with. Miracles was created/directed by Phil Raybourn. Phil also came up with most of the ideas for Ripper Row four years ago. It kept being held off, and even when they went with it, it was never finished. Both Gloria and fiends were a collaborative project between people such as Shelly Isler, Phil Raybourn, and much outsourced talent.

I still say his only good show that counts is Mix it Up. The only other "good shows" were blatant rip-offs of other peoples work. The sad thing is, he didn't anticipate MIU's popularity, because that was meant to be yet another show to (in my opinion) lower the standards, to slowly get rid of live instrumentalists.

As for Blood Banquet, you got me. I don't see a lack of glitter in there though. I think the best thing he did with that show was giving the performers way more freedom. He helped create the characters, then they were pretty much free from his rule.

I think the company might be waiting for him to resign. I don't want to "hate on" anybody, but he can't continue this much longer.
I wish him the best in hopes that he can make a tough decision like that.
And let's keep in mind that Fiends 2013 was a pure downgrade of what 2012 was, and O'tannenbaum was probably mostly designed by people who had experience with light shows. Scott probably just chose the music, and probably told other people to make it flash to that music. So really Scott has been fully involved in about 1 to 2 good shows. As stated before Giardino Magico was produced by Phil Raybourn. That leaves it down to Night Beats, Mix It Up!, Blood Banquet and Fiends(controversial) total!

I do believe that the park could pull off an off-theme Broadway show then , but this is now.
I still believe we can see great shows like, Rockin' the Boat. Greatness is like gravity see, all you have to do is give a little push.
It's very true, Shane. Very, very true. We've seen it demonstrated at the park a lot lately. In this case, Scott is the one giving the park's greatness a push.

He just so happens to be doing it at the edge of a cliff.
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