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Apr 22, 2019
Roar retrack is hype. They are talking about possibly using (likely) Titan track in the high speed turns. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's better than turning it into a full steel coaster. They were just considering that option. Regarldess of that, the retrack will be a full retrack. They will remove and replace every layer of wood, not just a few layers.

Somebody asked about a full RMC conversion (boo) and they said they looked into it and it would cost $10 million and they can't afford that.
I don't think RMC Roar would be the best use of $10M and doubt SF management would either. If it was the price of a frisbee we'd already see it. At any rate, the retrack is a commitment to keeping it wood.
Granted I've only gotten one ride on roar so take this with a grain of salt... But roar was downright one of the worst woodies I've ever been on. I don't think a retrack will help the pacing of the coaster enough... Sure it'll be smoother now but it is just so boring already. I would absolutely invest in a SF membership if they had a world class RMC there.

Tl;dr: it's pointless to retrack a coaster that's already got a shit layout.
You can tell Roar is an early GCI. It feels more refined than Wildcat but not up to snuff with Lightning Racer. I wouldn't mind GCI coming in and doing more extensive work to bring it up to par with more recent GCIs. That would probably mean the ride goes down for extended refurb but I'd be on board with it if SFA was willing to really pump money into Roar.

RMCs in general also have terrible operations. I don't think SFA could deal with another slow load coaster.
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Roar is right up there on my list favorite wooden coasters as well. I have been concerned with all the talk of RMCing it that we would end up with a simple generic RMC that would naturally be compared to TT and found wanting by many. In my opinion a simple retract is definitely the better call here.
Roar was running great. There isn't a ton of new track, but what was there was noticeable. Mind you, still a bumpy coaster. It's a wooden coaster with a lot of turns, so duh. I personally love it, but the RMC-or-bust crowd will still hate it. Screw them.
The roughest part was the hill going back out away from the station under the 1st big camelback, and as far as I can tell they did nothing to it. It's still more enjoyable up to that point, but seems they started retracking at the beginning and didn't make it as far as expected. It's fine after that though, except watch the brakes.

Also saw new wood on the return section of Wild One, still good.
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