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I love me some Rampage too...

But even if this project falls through, Rampage is still ultimately doomed before too long, yeah? Everglides is gone, Rampage is on intermittent operations, it has an old wooden tower, its ridership is lackluster at best... It has "not long for this world" written all over it, doesn't it...?

I think the real question is whether or not Wild Thang survives whatever they're planning. Hopefully it does, but I could see a world in which both get the axe for a major new attraction back there.
I have to be honest: Rampage looks like something that might break your neck. It has that Action Park It's The 80s So No One Cares What We Install feel to it.

Regardless of how safe it may or may not be, I can't imagine too many people are very interested in this slide, because it looks so sketchy. Indeed, when was the last time there was a real wait for it?
I was legit gonna say, reading Andy Mulvihill's book about growing up in Action Park there was definitely a story about how dangerous their version was - more likely due to drunk rowdy guests than actual design, but if one were to lean hard to either side while going down the chute it'd be really painful wherever you land... Especially if you take the taboggan with you
Rampage is definitely not long for this world. Like @Zachary said it's already closed most days and the rafts are not easy to replace. My understanding is that they have to be custom made.

I don't know if plans have changed with Covid but I know what the plan was pre pandemic and it was going to be massive.
I would like for it to stick around just a little bit longer. I have always been to afraid to ride it and I would hate for it to be taken down before I actually got the courage to do it.

Tbh, you weren't actually missing much other than the psychological thrill waiting for the roller track up top to tip. The challenge for me was too find a way to use the railing to slingshot down to try to get all the way across the splash pool.

I don't know if plans have changed with Covid but I know what the plan was pre pandemic and it was going to be massive.

You tease...
I hope Amazon (Wild Thang) stays, but i wouldn't be upset with a large investment like that replacing Rampage. Is Aquazoid Amped still on for this year?

We've seen no indication that would indicate otherwise but hard to tell until we can get boots in the park. Unless @Zachary wants to rent out another plane for spy shots.

Also, I'm sad that I didn't see this post until just now because _someone_ forgot to tag me :D
Y’all probably won’t believe me, but didn’t someone mention 2 orders from pro-side for BGT and BGW? What if they are planning on building the same slide for both parks?
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