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Feb 14, 2019
Inspired by the thread over on the BGW discussion, I wanted to see what everyone's ranked favorite rides - water, flat, coaster, dark, etc - past and/or present from the dry park only looks like. Definitely can skip rides or not rank all of them.

1. I305
2. FoF
3. Drop Tower
4. SkyCoaster
5. Avalanche
6. Volcano
7. R75 backwards
8. TT
9. Grizzly
10. Log Flume
11. Dominator
12. Berserker
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So, I'm just doing coasters, as everything would be too much to consider and write up. I'll have some honorable mentions at the end.
  1. Intimidator 305 — There is nothing like it. The speed, the G-forces, the whipcrack transitions—hell, even the cheesy intro with the engine rev, into the crazy fast cable lift. This is my favorite roller coaster, and I love it with all my heart.
  2. Grizzly — The king of night rides. In the Busch Gardens thread I compared Alpengeist to a dominatrix without a safe word. Grizzly is your ex-boyfriend who kidnapped you and keeps you in his basement until you develop Stockholm Syndrome. And baby? I'm a masochist.
  3. Twisted Timbers — It's an RMC, what more can you say? The airtime, the wild transitions, the barrel roll drop: I came in with high expectations, and did not leave disappointed.
  4. Flight of Fear — Honestly, a big part of this is theming. What would be a dizzying, crazy launch coaster instead feel genuinely mysterious. The hanger and queue build tension so well, especially as dark as they keep it these days. The way empty trains lumber into the station, and the scream of the LIMs as it shoots off into the dark. So good.
  5. Backlot Stunt Coaster — Again, theming helps here, and a fun launch into a curving, zippy layout including genuinely pitch black sections. If I see there's no line for BLSC, I'm almost always going to ride.
  6. Avalanche — Avalanche gets a lot of points for being unique. It's the only bobsled coaster I've ever ridden, and as such it always feels just a bit special—like I should ride it and appreciate it before it disappears. Plus, I love the silly Olympics theming, and I always try to ride in Canada when I can.
  7. Racer 75 — What was formerly the most racist coaster, is now the most racing coaster. It's a classic woody, and it's fun in all the ways classic woodies are. I'm sad to have never gotten to ride it backwards.
  8. Dominator — I wish I liked Dominator more. I think part of my dislike is its general... topography within the park. The long concrete queue, the fact you have to climb a bunch of stairs. It's the most Six Flags experience in the park, and I think that keeps it from being higher on my list. Also, Dominator is just a strange name for a coaster.
  9. Apple Zapple — Wild Mouse coasters just aren't my thing. I'll give it points for being named Apple Zapple though.
  10. Anaconda — Like Dominator, I wish I liked Anaconda more. I know old Arrow SLCs are special for a reason, but man—this coaster is just too rough on me and the whole second half just... doesn't make sense?
Honorable Mentions

  • Boo Blasters on Boo Hill — No trip to KD is complete without blastin' some Boos. I wish the line weren't always so painfully long, but I just adore everything about this silly little Sally.
  • Shenandoah Lumber Co. — a relaxing trip around the woods. A great way to float off some stress, and kind of get away from it all.
  • Gravity — I'm hoping this show will still be around, because I could be engrossed in the Kings Dominion Cirque shows all day. Another wonderful option to get out of the heat and teleport to a strange world of absurd protagonists and charming aliens.
  • Boardwalk Fries — 'Nuf Said.
Like @belsaas, I'm just going to do the coasters, because I tried ranking all my favorite (and least favorite) rides in the park and it got too messy. Here's mine:
  1. Twisted Timbers
  2. Grizzly
  3. Flight of Fear
  4. Dominator
  5. Intimidator 305
  6. Avalanche
  7. Racer 75
  8. Apple Zapple
  9. Backlot Stunt Coaster
  10. Woodstock Express
  11. Anaconda
And here are some of my honorable mentions:
  • Boo Blasters on Boo Hill - Easily one of my favorite rides in the whole park, full of old-school spook house charm
  • Shenandoah Lumber Co. - A great, meandering log flume through the forest; bonus points when the water wheel works
  • Blue Ridge Tollway - A long, relaxing ride, and its setting in the middle of the woods makes the experience so much better
  • Windseeker - The combination of wind in your face and the views of the Virginia countryside is hard to beat
  • Flying Ace Balloon Race - This is legitimately the most intense ride in the park if you spin your balloon enough. Unlike regular teacups, there's no base under your balloon to slow the spinning down, and the spinning and forces on this ride can quickly become insane
(Coasters only) I’ve only gone to Kings Dominion twice so...

1. Apple Zapple- I have really fun memories of this ride. I only remember it turning left and right over and over again, but I was laughing the entire time.
2. Grizzly- Much crazier than I expected it to be, especially when I rode it at night. It was fun, but I had a headache already and then banged my head on the ride, so this rickety, wooden experience wasn’t the best one.
  1. Racer Backwards: Going up and over that initial drop backwards is an experience like no other
  2. Twisted Timbers: When it is running fast, it whips and bucks and generally attempts to fling you out of your seat
  3. i305: I crazy fast adrenaline rush
  4. Racer Forwards: Before they neutered the first drop, it had the perfect stomach pull; I loved the forces on this woody
  5. Avalanche: Unique and spirited; just a lot of fun
  6. Scooby Doo: My first coaster and it has some fun forces
  7. Volcano: Swoopy fun
  8. Flight of Fear: It used to be smoother and darker, but it still has a fun launch
  9. Grizzly: somehow its attempts to murder you are fun
  10. Backlot Stunt Coaster: this ride is plucky and interesting, when the effects are all working
  11. Apple Zapple: best mouse coaster name and paint job
  12. Anaconda: it is fine
  13. Dominator: beats up my head and neck every time; nothing but hate
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So do you have the option to ride Racer 75 forwards or backwards?

Only in a distant memory. From Dale Brumfield's blog, it ran backwards on one side from '92 - '08.

I don't remember where I saw it, but I believe that the train was turned back around when CF took ownership because it was not recommended by the manufacturer and something to do with insurance.
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Top Tier:
  • Twisted Timbers
  • Intimidator 305
  • Volcano
  • Hypersonic
Really Good Tier:
  • Dominator
  • Flight of Fear
  • Italian Job
  • Avalanche (as a family ride, one of the best anywhere)
  • Delirium
  • Windseeker
  • Drop Tower
Good Tier:
  • Racer 75
  • Woodstock Express
Ok, I'll Ride it Tier:
  • Grizzly (this may go up a couple levels based on the retracking)
  • Anaconda
You'll have to drag me on it tier:
  • Apple Zapple
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Initmidator 305
Twisted Timbers
Flight of Fear
Rebel Yell Racer
Stunt Coaster/Avalanche
Woodstock Express
Apple Zapple

Honorable flat ride mentions
Drop Zone
Boo Blasters
Honestly KD is a lot harder for me to rank then BGW.

1. Twisted Timbers) The air time and the way it whips around are just simply incredible.
2. Grizzly) Love the back woods placement and the ride while ruff is still a blast.
3. Race)r it was great before the retrack and is still really decent after but lost that pull on the drop
4. Avalanche) It's nice to have a one of a kind ride like this
5. Volcano) Still hurts that it's gone it was no the strongest ride but that first launch is still the best launch I ever ridden.
6. Apple Zapple) I have a really strong love hate thing with wild mousse but this one is just great
7. I305) Love it and it would have ranked higher but it hits me hard every time and I can really only hold up for or wo rides a visit.
8. Dominator) Love how it tips through it transition smooth yet snappy at the same time a hard to get combo
9. Woodstock) My first coaster and one that will always hold a special spot.
10. Flight of Fear) love it but wish the cars more comfortably held larger riders.
1. I 305
2. Timbers (TT is better designed but I 305 has the power)
3. Dominator -- has some of everything, the best loop and great pacing
(Hypersonic XLC)
4. Racer, when racing with the synchronized lift, otherwise #8
5. Flight of Fear
6. Grizzly -- summer 2018 it was perfect so maybe it should be #1, but we have to be a little objective to rank things
(Backlot with most effects and fire working)
(Hurler pre-2010)
7. Backlot (current)
8. Anaconda
9. Avalanche
10. Apple Zapple
(King Cobra)
11. Woodstock
(unranked, never ridden) Great Pumpkin

edit: forgot to include Hypersonic
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I still have yet to ride TT because "fat" but:


1. I305 - Just absolutely euphoric if you love intensity.
2. Dominator - I'm a sucker for this B&M Floorless
3. Volcano - It was just so fun and unique.
4. Flight of Fear - I love Premier Spaghetti Bowls so this is a solid support ride to the A list coasters.
5. Hypersonic XLC - That acceleration was just insane
6. Avalanche - Just a fun ride
7. Grizzly - Fun wooden coaster can't wait to check out the re-track
8. Racer 75 - Also a fun old school wooden coaster.
9. Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Fun zippy little ride to hop on sometimes.
10. Apple Zapple - Fun Wild Mouse
11. Anaconda - Meh
12. Hurler - ouch
13. Shockwave - I'm rather upset fire was not used when tearing it down (being a 6'3 broad shouldered male this ride was particularly awful for me)

I won't rank the other attractions but I will just list some that I like (Have not ridden Delirium yet)
-The Crypt: RIP just a cool ride overall and I loved the flips.
-Drop Tower: Utterly insane ride
-Tornado: was sad it had to come down. Such a fun slide
-Shenandoah Lumber Company: First log flume, fun flume.
-Rapids: Not a particularly great rapids ride but my first one and it's interesting how it works compared to others.
-Boo Blasters: Fun little dark ride
-Flying Eagles: When you could snap them they were great
-Wind Seeker: Im not crazy about it but it can be fun.

I am absolutely certain I will love TT and Delirium whenever I stop eating pizza for a year or whatever.
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That's the first mention of flying eagles in a top rides list anywhere I've seen.

Out of curiosity, have they been modified? I remember being able to snap then last Haunt before the pandemic...
They're definitely snappable, although I think it's discouraged depending on how vigilant the ride operator is. The Flying Eagles are genuine, vintage flying scooters, unlike the new Larson ones that Cedar Fair has installed at their other parks lately, so we're lucky to have such a snappable, classic version.
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