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Jun 20, 2010
So, I need a huge favor from anyone and everyone who can help.

I am doing a project that involves proving why amusement parks close roller coasters during certain weather conditions, mainly high winds. I am going to apply vectors to my calculations, but I need a few stats in order to do that.

I have already contacted BGW about this but Lord knows if they'll ever respond. I want to use AC and Loch Ness, and I am going to need the weight of their trains and the average max speeds and where along the rides they reach that speed. I want to be able to theorize an ideal location where the train is going very fast, and a certain wind vector is hitting against the train in the opposite direction. I will use a standard wind vector for each example I use.

Does anybody have the stats I will need or know how I can directly contact the most appropriate person to answer my question? Otherwise, does anyone here have the answers to my questions, or would like to make any suggestions to other factors I might need to consider?
BGW will probably never get back with you. To be perfectly honest, contact KD and pick one or two of their coasters to do. They're a million times more receptive to this sort of thing than BGW.
Thanks for the heads up. However KD, like Carowinds, doesn't have an e-mail address that I can fit my request in. All they have is a submission form that only allows 250 characters.
Could you try messaging KD on Facebook? Maybe explain that the contact box on their website was a bit too restrictive and asking for better contact info?
The info on the older coasters might be out there on the web somewhere. I remember getting a workbook from BGW with all of those data in high school, so we could work out physics problems.
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