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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
I had the liberty of experiencing Toy Story Land with a roommate who hadn't been to a WDW theme park before. Here's the rundown.

Slinky Dog Dash - the land's main attraction, it was a pretty fun coaster. Its no Space Mountain or Everest but its miles better than Mine Train for sure. Its long, has some force, launches have a kick and the queue line theming is cute. I do wish the launches were faster as it was feeling a little laggy in spots.

* The roommate really enjoyed it. He experienced more forces than I did but his lapbar was looser than mine.

Woody's Lunchbox - The food here is on par with Disney's other specialty restaurants (its pretty good) but the service was insanely slow for being in the newest land at the park. They had an efficient way to take tickets but my meal took longer than normal to come out.

* The roommate got his food a lot quicker than I did. Right after he placed his order lol. By the time he finished I was still in line trying to get my food.

I love Midway Mania's new entrance and thank God the other Toy Story attractions help disperse the crowds a bit. The Fastpass line still moved somewhat slow but the standby lines aren't as bad as they used to be thanks to the other attractions. The thing still hurts your wrists

* The roommate gave up halfway through from the awkward trigger system. I don't really understand what Disney was thinking with the whole plunger as a trigger thing.

The area as a whole is really well themed although its not as immersive as Pandora or Diagon Alley. The views of Star Wars Land are great as well. There is a strong lack of shade so if you're going in summer, be prepared for that. Also the land isn't really that large so its hard for crowds to navigate the area unlike Pandora. I'll be back later to hit up Alien Saucers. That's the only dry ride at WDW I need to hit. Last time I was there it was pulling 45 min so I decided to skip it for now.
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