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Team Instinct
Jan 12, 2012
in the rear
It's been two years in the making, but HHN is finally back. Event isn't as big as it could've been due to a global pandemic still going on, but I had a blast regardless. Crowds aren't nearly as bad as they have been either.

Wicked Growth was absolutely phenomenal. The mazes in this tent tend to be excellent and this year was no exception. From the amazing facade to the fantastic set pieces to the animatronics and the pumpkin smell throughout, this maze oozes the same atmosphere that Uni's traditional Halloween scare zones have in the past.
Icons is another top-notch maze from Universal creative. Seeing all the icons in one maze together was a real treat. On top of that, I love that the ending scene changes constantly so you have to do multiple walkthroughs to get the full experience.
Beetlejuice had tons of potential. Its really unfortunate that Universal didn't stick this maze in one of the soundstages, but they still took advantage of the parade building as much as they could. Unfortunately aside from a couple scenes, they kinda dropped the ball on the set design. I still loved this maze though
Tooth Fairy was solid. I liked the set design, but the story was a little hard to follow at first. I feel this maze would've been better in one of the tents vs a full blown soundstage. I did this maze a few times last year, so I didn't go through as much this year.
Bride of Frankenstein was another solid, middle of the road maze for me and another holdover from last year so I didn't really do it as often as the others. I still enjoyed it enough to do a couple walkthroughs. Set design is better than Tooth Fairy and story is easier to follow.
The Haunting of Hill House I enjoyed this maze a lot more than I enjoyed the TV show (which is depressing as hell btw). The show isn't really a horror franchise, so I liked that creative was allowed to do their own thing through half the maze. Unfortunately, the set design isn't that great aside from the facade going into the maze.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre I don't remember the set design here as much aside from the gas station scene at the beginning. This was one maze I do wish had a few more scene recreations as the set design isn't as good as it was in 26. A lot of it was just generic farm scene with Leatherface running out. They did do a good job with the living room scene though.
Case Files Unearthed I did multiple run throughs as the line for this maze was always fairly short. I enjoyed a lot of the sets here. The story itself is hard to follow unless you're hardcore into HHN history and lore. Just tell yourself its an anthology of supernatural detective stories and you should be ok.
Scary I'm not as hardcore into HHN history so a lot of the scenes here had me lost. Set design here isn't as good as the other mazes either I really only recognized the butcher shop and HR Bloodngutz really. Still better than the mazes that are normally in this corner, so I'm not complaining.

Scare zones
The park had three scare zones dedicated to past scare zones so it was a little overkill for me.
Best one of the 3 was Gorewood Forest, but the scare zone here is always really solid.
Lights, Camera Hacktion was extremely fun. I'm glad Eddie got his own scare zone. The zone was filled to the brim with chainsaws and neat little photo ops.
30 Years 30 Fears was probably the weakest of the anniversary scare zones. I was hoping this would be more about the icons as they're prominently featured all over this zone, but its just another showcase of the scare zones in the past. They should've funneled all those actors to Eddie's zone and made this one all about the icons instead.
This year's post apocalyptic scare zone was Seek & Destroy. The interactive stage with the Controller was awesome. Set pieces in general are ok. Reminds me of the Purge scare zone but with less color. The chainsaws were a nice touch and the atmosphere was really good. Not as good as in years past but it was fun to people watch here.
Crypt TV is a little out of the way so I didn't do this zone as much as the others. It was fun, but more of a photo op scare zone than anything. I did watch a good chunk of the Crypt TV playlist on YT before the event, so I could understand the different characters.

The stage show was great. I only saw it once though. I still miss Bill & Ted. I preferred the lagoon show tbh since you didn't have to get there early to get a good spot.

Overall, I had a blast this year. I was really missing HHN last year because of the pandemic, Can't wait to do it all over again next October!
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