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Sep 23, 2009
Looks like Go-Karts Plus has rethemed their miniature golf course over the off-season.

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Ah, have only been around here for two years or so and thought I had seen one or both of those somewhere. Williamsburg I think.
Zachary said:
As far as I remember the minigolf course at Go-Karts Plus didn't really have a theme.

I went recently and it's true, there's no theme. The setting is actually kind of peaceful though; lots of shade and foliage.
But the course is pretty bad.
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I wish we could get one like the new Hollywood Drive-In Mimi golf at Universal Orlando.
Maybe for a private course; but for a place that should be called Go-Karts Minus (ba-dum tisss), I would assume they would never get one of that quality.
Shipwreck Golf at Motor World is actually a pretty good course; cool theme and very not-too-hard-not-too-easy type holes.
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