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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia

JACKSON-Jackson Township has high hopes for future development along the Interstate 195 corridor that runs through the entire northern section of the 100 square mile town. Plans were recently unveiled by the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs that could see a hotel, retail complex and other projected additions, anchored by the Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park.

A plan to develop the open space around the amusement park outlines a $65,000,000 project which contains a 600 room resort hotel, a conference center and 30,000 square foot “Entertainment Village” The project hopes to capitalize on Jackson Township’s centralized location in the state and the immediate proximity of the amusement park.

Article, via Ocean County Signal

Alright so before I give you guys a shot of reality let me point out that they mark Plaza Del Carnival as a seperate entity from Hurricane Harbor and Great Adventure, and also state that the Safari is still a seperate attraction.

Their renditions are in the front end entrance of the amusement area, using property that borders Route 537 and the park itself. The area they're planning on using is too far for a monorail to be practical (considering how expensive they are to build these days) and will likely use Shuttle busses or trams instead.

Jackson Township is apparently pretty headstrong about doing this, and with the huge amount of tax dollars they rake in every year they should have no problem paying for it (top 10 highest taxes in NJ). Jackson has been wishing for a resort hotel for about the last decade, and the past plans had the resort being on Great Adventure's property, adjacent to Kingda Ka.

This is a good opportunity for Great Adventure to invest in trying to make the park operate year round like Hersheypark does.
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