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May 30, 2013
Well, we all know that the park isn't in the best shape of its life right now, but that doesn't mean that every single change has been for the worst. Take some time to share and appreciate the good changes, both big and small, that improved your park experience the last few years.

Personally, I love the crashed car outside of Verbolten. That little touch always makes me feel like some real love went into that ride. It doesn't serve a purpose. It doesn't draw in big crowds or encourage people to spend more money, but everyday it's restocked with fog and it looks fantastic.

What other changes have you appreciated? I'm not one to believe that you should always be optimistic, but I think that some happiness has it's place in the forums.
I recently told my little girl that there was an old twisty slide in the LOTD tree that has re-opened. Her eyes got big followed by a large smile and a question....Can I go down it next time Daddy? This kind of thing brings me happiness and she cant wait to try it out when we visit this coming Monday. The whole LOTD refresh is wonderful!
Another thing: the updated front entrance area (2013) is fantastic. It was done with taste, and fits the park's new branding perfectly. Add in the subtle, yet adventurous music they played (which I REALLY hope returns) and that beautiful new pond, and you have a classy and perfectly fitting entry way. It sure made a great first impression for the day ahead.
I loved the new theme for Aquitaine last Christmas Town, it was very pretty, and was a big improvement from what was there before.
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I love the change of the stage at Theatro Di San Marco. It is a great improvemnt over old the resturaunt theme.

Plus, Aquataine, all of last year, was FANTASTIC
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While not all of the changes to Darkastle have been good, I love how the pre show has it's own room now. It used to be so frustrating trying to watch it while everyone was talking away in line. Last year was the first time I knew the actual story of the ride.
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Changes that are better now:

-The new crepes and cafe stand
-The seating area by the crepes and cafe stand
-The entrance to the wine tasting room
--The doors and the cellar area in particular!

-Black Forest Ale!
-Pretzels and Pretzel Sausages
--honestly I don't want to go back to the before times because of the pretzels and beer.
-Putting the pre-show back into DarKastle
-Verbolten's queue and inside part.

-Pompeii water gun #1

-Wider range of adult beverages: craft beers, mixed drinks, miller time
-Return of the nurses
-Moving Fiends to the abbeystone
-Casket Club!
-Food and Wine Festival!!!!!!

Putting this list together, I realized that most of the new things I like are in the back of the park. Ireland, England, and Festa need some love.
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