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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va

Central Park Funland has announced they're changing their name to Fun-Land of Fredericksburg as well as an upgrade to their go-karts.

I'm a fan of the go karts as their old ones were slow and each car was inconsistent as far as performance. The track was long but to me was kinda boring. I do think this update will make it much better and hopefully they get some new more powerful cars to be able to handle the inclines.

I'm indifferent about the name, but I feel like it gives them the opportunity to franchise and expand elsewhere.

Now @Shane will have to redesign the awesome park icon :p


Sep 23, 2009
This is great news. Multi-level go kart tracks give an FEC great "curb appeal." They look way more interesting than traditional flat tracks.

I think the rename is a great move too. Many people I've spoken to who live in Fredericksburg call it "Funland" as it is. "Central Park" just makes people think of a massive shopping area. Going with Fun-Land of Fredericksburg saves the part of the name people actually use while also better clarifying the place's location for a broader audience.

I know people like to joke about Clint's FEC, but he has seriously been doing an amazing job with the place. It's one of the nicest, cleanest, most interesting FECs I've ever been to.

Until the official rename happens, I'm going to leave the subforum name as Central Park Fun-Land. If I don't change it by the time they officially change names, someone remind me. ?
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avid coaster enjoyer
Sep 20, 2013
Hopefully this go kart track is a sign of things to come in the future.
Clint Novak said on the In The Loop podcast once that he talked to Adam House (previously on ITL) from GCI about adding a custom new wooden coaster to the park. While Clint was most likely just throwing out a pipe dream for the park it’s still interesting to see just how expansive he wants to see the park grow during his time.
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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
The ride also has a virtual queue system of sorts where they'll text you when it's your time to ride. Fun Land really pulled out all the stops for this attraction and I love how much attention it's getting.
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Jul 31, 2017
I've met Clint a few times at Busch, he definitely has the gumption for Fun Land to flourish. It sounds like I need to make a trip up to Fredericksburg soon.


Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Is Clint still running this place? If so, huge props to him. He’s actually living the enthusiast dream and doing it well.
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