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Jun 11, 2014
So everyone who goes to BGW a lot knows that the posted hours are different that the actual hours. For instance, the website says opening time is 10:00 but certain countries open as early as 9:00. Does all of WCUSA open at 10:00 or do some areas open earlier?
Last season you could ride Jet Scream and Malibu Pipeline early. I can't remember if it was 930 or not till 945 though.
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There is a sign before the toll plaza saying the parking lots open at 9:15AM, so I assume the front gates would open at 9:30, 9:45, or 10AM depending on the expected attendance for that day. Busch Gardens Williamsburg doesn't always open up early. Sometimes the turnstiles don't open until 10AM, but that typically happens when they do not expect a large crowd. I assume Water Country USA works the same way.
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I only go once a year, but I have a specific recollection of waiting outside the turnstiles until after the National Anthem was played at 1000. On the other hand, this year, people were already inside when they played the Star-Spangled Banner. Actually people were ignoring it and the flag altogether, which honestly made me mad.
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