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Nov 14, 2009
Williamsburg, VA
Anyone have any interest in this? Thoughts?

My 7 year old son is excited about about it. I've been kinda dreading it to be honest.

Although I did find out today that Bucky Lasek will be there next weekend. He and I actually graduated from high school together, so it'll will be cool to see him.

I can only pray that this event will truely be "family-friendly" and the rowdy teenage factor will be at a minimum.
I wouldnt worry bout the teens any more than usual. Plus, it may draw them away from the rest of the park.
Hopefully Fur Dozy is right and it will empty out the rest of the park. I don't really care for the stuff myself.
I'll be there Friday the 14th I hope it's not going to be skate rat hell.

Oh, and one more thing doesn't this stink of something Kings Dominion would host?
Shafor said:
It's where the stage normally is in Festhaus Park. We were there yesterday and they had it open. They did a nice job with it.

Good to know. I'll have to scoot over there. I'm still a little weary of the skate crowd but then again I am an oldtimer.

"You kids get off of my lawn!"
We saw the last show on Saturday. Beautiful weather. Moderate crowd, very family oriented. Lots of younger kids w/parents, and pretty much zero unruly teenage factor. They had a local band playing about 15-20 mins before the show. The Ramp Jam show itself only lasted about 20 mins. It was very cool, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing. I didn't notice any effect on the overall park itself, which was nice.
So, now that Ramp Jam has concluded, what does everyone think about it? Was it good for the park? Will it be back in the future?
Well, that is a tough call. It would all amount to the accountants seeing if the park's attendance was boosted.

I was there this past Saturday and it seemed busier than usual for the time of year. Only after ramp jam was over did the park finally clear out a bit. Looked like some music contest with bands or choirs or something was going on and thus packs of teens in matching shirts were always roaming around. This was quite annoying.

Oh the worst teenage tomfoolery was waiting in line for Europe in the Air, standing behind two rat faced teens who remained lip-locked in an eternal state of make-out. If it weren't for the ear bursting scream and howls from the "littler" ones in front of them that lasted the ENTIRE wait, I wouldn't have had decent distraction to keep myself from hurling all over the couple of horn dogs. Keep in mind that the cue line for Europe in the Air is the most non-acoustic hallway of the century... :( My ears are still bleeding.

I must say, I avoided ramp jam because I thought I would be facing such events as I just described. Still, I did manage to watch one of the shows from home on the webcam and it looked like a decent crowd had assembled.

I give return of Ramp Jam a maybe. Final answer. :-/
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