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Jan 9, 2010
Ramp Jam returns this year to Festhaus Park on April 21, 22, 28, 29

Guests are in for extreme fun this spring at Busch Gardens’ “Ramp Jam,” part of the ASA Action Sports World Tour. Some of the world’s best skateboards, BMX riders and in-line skaters will perform extreme stunts and tricks on the X-Games’ traveling half pipe. Ramp Jam takes place at Busch Gardens’ Festhaus Park April 22, 28, and 29. Fans can meet the athletes between performances.
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Reactions: Zachary
Was just curious to hear some reviews from anyone that saw this last weekend or anyone that saw it in previous years. Was thinking about going out Sunday afternoon with my son.

Heard from one friend that saw it before and he wasn't impressed.
It was a great show on Saturday. If you're into extreme sports/BMX, it's an awesome show to watch (just wish they'd play a bit more rock/metal and less pop). Better music played last year, but the stunts are largely the same.

If you're not into extreme sports, you can get some excellent/rare views of Verbolten from that area of the park. Bonus points if you can catch the trains testing at the right time. (Un)fortunately the trees are all gone back there so I'd recommend snagging some shots of V-bolt while you can.

Oh and a quick note, the grass was soaking wet last time I was there. Make sure you bring a blanket to sit on.
Yeah it was pretty similar to the sort of thing I remember last year ( I am not an extreme sports type). I do agree that the view of Boltie (especially the bridge) is awesome. I had wanted to get a shot of it but there was too much sun.
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