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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
RE: Project 2018

Hmm, that's not the level of teasing you see for a minor addition.

Didn't Ouimett say Cedar Fair is building four new coasters for next year, and that the chain is focusing much of their 2018 investments on lower tier parks?
RE: Project 2018

CGA is slated for their own "Gatekeeper/Fury" entrance coaster next year from what I understand. Though it won't be as tall as either. I believe the permit filings are for just over 100 feet. I'll have to search around the web for the source of that memory though.
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RE: RailBlazer: Project 2018

So it appears that construction walls have gone up and the site is being cleared of trees.

Is anyone familiar with the layout of CGA? I had originally heard that this was going to be a Cedar Fair "Entrance Coaster" but I am starting to doubt those claims as none of the photos I've seen appear to be anywhere near the entrance. Again, I'm not familiar with this parks layout, so it could still be true since the park is slated to receive an entirely new entrance.
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In some exciting news, RailBlazer has their first train delivered. The park posted a photo of it on Facebook.

This also gives us a first look at what RMC's new Raptor trains look like in the wild. The park has gone for a four wheeler theme for the trains probably to capitalize on the single rider rows that just so happens to go along with the awesome rocky/canyon-esque theme that they showed off with the concept art for the ride.

It shouldn't be surprising given how great the trains look for both Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion and Twisted Cyclone at SixFlags over Georgia, but RMC has put so much detail into the themeing of these trains. It will be interesting to see what they came up with for Wonder Woman and if it can beat or match what the other great trains rolling out of the Hayden, Idaho factory!



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