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Sep 23, 2009
Quick and Easy Mixes will now be at the park full time. You can find them on the porch of the Caribou Pottery in New France. I highly recommend that you go and check them out- the dips taste amazing and you get free samples.

You can check them out on Facebook here.
Wow my mouth's watering just looking at them
I Loved there dips i wasnt sure if they would be there all year or just for that one weekend.
Balak95 said:
Do you remember the prices ill have to pick a couple of them up on media day!

I don't remember prices exactly. But they seemed to be a bit more than what you would buy in a supermarket, but with many, many more flavors to choose from.
I bought one pack at the first christmastown. Good stuff! I don't know the exact prices but 3/$5 seems close to the right price.
I'm posting this for myself and anybody else who might go shopping for sour cream and forget how much you need. One packets needs two cups of Sour Cream.
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