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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
I have a very good friend who's birthday is coming up. He was originally going to go to Vegas but that has fallen through and I really, really want to do something special for him. What sort of things in Busch Gardens could I do with him BG? What sort of special things do they offer?
If he is a coaster fan, do the coaster insider tour... I have been on this multiple times and live it... If he is not a coaster fan, check out the other tours they have
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Coaster Insider Tour 100% if you can afford it. I wouldn't even think that he'd have to love coasters to really enjoy it. Nothing like standing up on top of Griffon first thing in the morning.
If he was looking for a vegas trip, I'd do Kings Dominion then hit up the night-life in richmond.
One, I think a more appropriate location for this thread could be found just saying.

But to answer the question, really you can't go wrong with any tour, but I highly suggest the VIP Tour since you get a little taste of everything with that particular tour. Oh and probably VIP tickets to one of the concerts is great too, if you happen to be going around the time of a concert.
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