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Aug 16, 2011
Received email back from Busch Gardens and want to share the info
Ms. Walker,
Thank you for contacting Busch Gardens Williamsburg. As long as one member of your party has a season pass, your friends will be fine.

Thanks again for visiting our website. Should you require additional information, please call our Customer Information & Sales Center at 1-800-343-7946.

Hope this is in the right forum if not sorry. I am still waiting on an email response from the park but I thought I would ask here as well. I got 5 tickets for friends free this Friday with our Platinum passes but now My husband and oldest son will not be able to go. Are the friends who got tickets from my husband and oldest sons passes not going to be able to get in? I read on the parks Facebook page that the email that got sent out about the offer said passmembers must be present (in fine print). I never received the email and only saw the offer when I logged into my account to check passmember quick que prices for Howl O Scream. When I was checking out NOWHERE did it say passmembers had to be present or NOWHERE on the only lists the passmembers number. It only stated it in the email sent out. Does anyone know if they will have a problem getting in? Also they will be getting there earlier in the day since our kids are in school until 3. The other 3 guests will be arriving with us.
I was wondering the same question. but i figure if you pay for 5 passes, you can bring 5 friends as long as they come in with one of the pass holders.
From Twitter:

"‏@WDWRLD - @BuschGardensVA For the Passmember Bring a friend free ticket on Friday night, does the passholder need to be with them to enter the park?"

"‏@BuschGardensVA -@wdwrld Yes, the pass member will need to accompany the friend, and you'll have to register online at"
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RE: ? about Friends Free Friday ticket

I don't know for sure, and I bet if you called the park 3 times you'd get 5 different answers, but I would also bet that as long as some passmembers are present, you'll be okay. It's not likely the park is going to turn away ticketholders at the gate.
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