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Jun 23, 2011
I was in line for Griffon yesterday and apparently some kid hopped over a gate during loading. I didn't see him, but I think it was the express line gate rather than waiting for it to be opened for him. They had to get everyone off and run a full cycle of trains empty. What's the reasoning behind doing that?
I was told guests decided to get off Roman Rapids by using the cat walk instead of waiting to get to the platform. Once one group did it, others started to as well. From what I was told, that is cause for E-Stopping that ride. The things the GP does is just ridiculous. I mean honestly, I think they loose too much of their mind walking into the front gate.
Party Rocker said:
I was told guests decided to get off Roman Rapids by using the cat walk instead of waiting to get to the platform.

Wait. You mean some people just got off of the ride before they got back to the station? What? Since the age of three, I have been convinced that every minor infraction against the rules of any establishment leads directly to jail. I cannot comprehend people doing things like this, because in my mind, it goes down like this:

Get off at the catwalk -> Security waiting for you around the corner -> Taken to the real cops -> Charged with trespassing, endangerment, one of the other 162,000 laws there are -> 5 years in jail.
I've seen something similar happen at the end of Roman Rapids (where all the boats are pushed together waiting for the lift). A girl who looked to be about 13 years old undid her seat belt, got up, walked across her raft, and jumped/got into the empty raft begin her's for no apparent reason. This is why we can't have nice things.
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I figured it was probably a procedural thing. If they press that emergency stop, does the train already out on the track get stopped? I was next in line to get on, so I couldn't see.
if e-stop is pressed all the trains will stop on the block they are on. If they arn't on a block segment then it will stop at the nearest block. Then maintenance has to come and reset. When a reset is done they have to test by sending each train 2 times around the track to make sure the reset worked correctly and everything is safe again. Don't quote that, some info in that message could be off.
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