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Dec 23, 2011
I want to change this thread up just a tad bit. So I decided I want to form this thread in a type of television channel setup with certain "bits" I guess you can say? Similar to how certain shows will introduce new short portions or skits, I will introduce new bits or categories for my posts. Each post will focus on one bit or category. Go ahead and check out the bits or categories below to see what I have planned for this thread.

  • Factual Facts - Random stats or facts that people would never really think of.
  • Ripped Reviews - My personal review for something; be it a new show or event even.
  • Personalized Opinion - My person opinion or stand point on a certain topic or action.
  • Social Trauma - My review of select comments, posts, reviews, etc. of BGW related social media outlets.
  • Just Sayin' - Phrases or things I just feel like saying.
  • Raving Rants - Just me ranting about stuff.
  • Reader Request - If you are so inspired by me and want me to write on something, PM me.
  • Funny Bloopers - Pictures of something funny.
  • Historical History - A look back in time.
  • Nice News - A look at some brighter side of the real news.
  • Off the Topic - Anything that might be off topic in another thread that needs to be discussed for a page or two and then die.
  • Inside the Park: As told by PR - Learn how things work and what to do as told by Party Rocker.
  • More to be added . . .
Factual Facts

So in this very first ever bit, I shall pose my challenge to you. Are you the ultimate knowledgeable fan of BGW? DO you think you know the most random and odd facts or stats about the park? Here is my challenge for you! Answer the following questions and see how much you really know! +1 Rep for whoever answers them all!

  • How many parking spaces in each lot are there?
  • How many toilets are in the park for guests?
  • How many buildings are in the park?
  • How many windows are in the park?
  • How many doors are in the park?
  • How many tables are in the park?
  • How many chairs are in the park?
  • How much would it cost to buy 1 of everything in the park?
  • BONUS - How much would it cost to build a complete replicate operational park?

Good luck!
^A couple questions, for the first one is it only guest parking or guest and employee. Also, forthe bonus, are you asking the cost of it now or back when it was built in 1975?
Hoopla said:
^A couple questions, for the first one is it only guest parking or guest and employee. Also, forthe bonus, are you asking the cost of it now or back when it was built in 1975?

Let's go with both, I'll be interested in team member parking too. Cost of now primarily, but seeing what it was in the past would be cool too.

Honestly, I'm looking for tons of info so you can't give me too much information for one question.
Ripped Reviews

My review is on Fiends. This is the only review I will ever want to make this year because I refuse to be a "big time player" in the Fiends debate. This review is strictly my own personal thoughts and opinions. I am writing this solely out of pure what I saw and what I'd prefer.

I must say that last years show I found amazing. The show balanced comedy and sex appropriately. I did not find an adult oriented show like many others, I found it to be a comedy with some adult references. This year, the show lost very iconic cast members. Last year, there were two doctors, however the first and original performed probably almost all the time. The other one, I thought did a fine job; however, he just didn't fit my preference.

The new doctor for this year I just don't think fits the bill, look wise. As far as ability, he definitely could pull it off just fine with a few adjustments. I honestly never enjoyed Simplicity as others have? I felt like she was not needed and doesn't really stand out as lead other than her actions. If I were to have a lead nurse, I would have very noticeable costume differences between her and the others. It is like the doctor has two aides; which I always thought was too much. Igor can easily step up and take her place figuratively. The only pushing point she has in the story to help the story continue is the "Eye of the Tiger" song. I think They could possibly cut that song and add in a new song elsewhere, or replace it with a song more fitting for Igor. After all Igor is the true assistant and should be aiding the doctor and providing real support for him to create the monster. In any event, Simplicity did okay with her role. There are areas that can be improved upon as far as ability goes.

The first year they used this wolf suit, I really wasn't sure what to think. I thought it was cool and pulled off the hairy effect really well. I almost couldn't tell it was a full suit. Now it just looks ehh. Because everyone the show is going for a sex theme, his costume should be more sex appealed. Why do you need his body completely covered in fur? Why not give him long hair on his head, a more canine facial feature, and work on the claws, otherwise he really could wear just plain ripped clothing. It would be add so much more to the sex appeal to see a fit man in barely any clothing that is shredded with claws and longer hair, than a full hair suit. I also think he doesn't need to be on stage. Have him out in the crowd and have more crowd interaction. The vampire just needs to improve ability wise.

The creature is perfect. He breaks the sex appeal for some comedic relief. He has a undesired by general public standards body figure which is exploited. I am not saying fat people are bad. In fact some of my good friends are a bit fluffy. I am just pointing out the doctor, as stated elsewhere is an evil man. A very bad and evil man. Why would he care about others feelings? In that situation his character could care less if someone were offended by a fat joke. I myself, am not like that I find the joke very undesired; however, that just means I fully understand this character is not nice. Igor also flows into with the creature nicely, they are both comedic relief from all the sex thrown at you. They really do a great job, not sure if it is because they are the originals, but they do fantastic.

Now comes down to the content of the show. They can either keep a nice balance between sex and comedy or go full force on one or the other. Personally I think they should go full force on the sex, since they want to advertise it as adult. It can still have some comedy but be predominantly sex. This is why I am not too upset about the nurses outfits. They are more sex based. Look at lingerie, are they just plain? Yes they can be, but there is a lot of lingerie or general underwear for women than have lots of designs or just things that make them more adored and sought after. I think the addition of the sequin swirl designs and rhinestones on the undies play more into the sexy lingerie feel than just plain underwear. It is these aspect that make the show more sex. Bring on more sex, it does sell. No need to try and make sex jokes constantly, but ad in the sex as far as looks and action goes. Why? Because if you are going to sell a show as adult throw it in if you really want to keep amping things up. Jokes can be thrown in but not constantly. I the nurses outfits open more, skirts shorter, have the vampires shirt open almost all the way with tighter pants, have the wolf man with a chiseled bare chest. Have the monster wear an even more revealing outfit. Add in more risque moves. Nothing is off limits when a show give proper warning. Key words there, proper warning.

With all that said, I do feel as the show is trying to amp up more of what it did last year, which with comedy mixing with sex. Sadly, what they had last year was perfect and they hit the top with it, and now it just has bust the thermometer. I don't think it is a bad show that should be condemned for sucking so much. But I don't think the show is perfect either. It is a good show. That's it. It isn't great like like year, but it isn't total crap. Something many people seem to forget is that there is such as thing a grey between the black and white.

For my review in two words:
decently good
Let me make myself perfectly clear, if you disagree with me, hate me, don't like this at all ignore this post. If you do agree, like, respect, enjoy, etc. you can like the post or give rep for it, you don't have to do anything, I don't expect anything to be done. I just don't want a war here.
Factual Facts

  • How many parking spaces in each lot are there? 7,104 Total by
  • Restrooms = 11 by ToddF
  • How many toilets are in the park for guests?
  • How many buildings are in the park?
  • How many windows are in the park?
  • How many doors are in the park?
  • How many tables are in the park?
  • How many chairs are in the park?
  • How much would it cost to buy 1 of everything in the park?
  • BONUS - How much would it cost to build a complete replicate operational park? In 1975, $30 million by Hoopla; still looking for 2013 price

List Updated.
Just Sayin'

I put my phrase in spoiler tags just in case there are some who are not aware of who is the Demon DJ. I would hate to spoil it, but some Youtube video background noises probably already have. Anyway if you don't care give a look see then continue with your life, if you do care then just continue with your life.

From traditional Irish Flute player to Irish Rocker to Demon DJ . . . I really would love to have a resume as diverse as that.
Raving Rants

Today's rant is about reputation. I hate it. It does nothing. We think it gives us a sense of power over the forums, as one member showed us in their signature awhile back. But does it really do anything for us? Do we get power? No. It's not like you hit a magical number and suddenly you're a moderator or administrator. The whole system is creepy too. People stalk me on the internet and then tell they like that, or they shred me to bits like I'm some movie you can give a thumbs up to? I want to let you all in on a little secret. I requested my own rep to be reset back during a debacle. Why? Because I knew people were going to give me neg rep to the point I might as well be at 0 anyway. Then there is also the fact I want my reputation to be real. I don't want people putting fake rep on my thing because they don't know what to give it for. Just because? I want to earn it. I want rep to actually stand for something. Now some of you will read this and try to debate that I am basically craving for rep. No I am not. Remove your rep, change your rep, add rep, do whatever the heck makes you happy. Bring me back down to zero again if you really must. Reputation is a system that does no good, and used to do harm. Now what is the point of it? We don't like something shouldn't we just have a way where we can message people through a private system and give them constructive criticism. I thought there was something we could use. Well anyways, reputation is a joke. Now some people will also debate I just want to cause a scene and stir up trouble. How much trouble does this really make? To let people know I don't care for my number? It's not like everything you know is going to come crashing down. I know people say that I'm only complaining because I don't have some higher number like 25 or in the 40's but does it matter? Even if I did have a number that high, I wouldn't sit here and say it is the best thing ever. It is a number that warrants nothing. We should have a respect count instead. Have people +1 every time they think you deserve respect that way when people look at your number and its high, they know you are a respectable person. And if you ever start acting like a jerk, they can remove their respect. No comments needed. Just numbers. That sounds a lot better than rep, am I right? That is all.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I give you a double feature with:

Social Trauma

Now this is a bit where I will select a piece of social media response to the park and comment about it for your enjoyment, maybe.

Jennifer said:
Why such am increase in everything? Not sure why the price was raised for refills????? At least we still get free parking with our passes. Will that eventually be taken away also so you can make more money?

First off let me say that it is hard to find proper complaints on the park's Facebook to write about. All I kept seeing was 5 starts and great reviews all the way down. I was looking in the review section for a specific reason to be pointed out later. But now to the post in question.

Why such an increase? Hmm, Busch Gardens is a business, businesses tend to make money. They make money through prices. Prices are determined by the ever changing economy. I think we have a winner. Well I understand you may be upset for refills, but heres a little tip. They are just refills. Plus You don't have to buy a whole new cup to lug around. You should be lucky they didn't raise the price you pay for each ride like some other place do. Oh wait, they don't charge for that. Yes at least you still get free parking. Your car will be so happy. Hmm, well you never know. They are a business makes money. Even more so because they need money to survive, if they aren't doing such a great job, they might need a little extra in their pocket like $30 per parker. And why would you post in the recommendations section on Facebook? I see no recommendation in your post. Just questions and I count one statement. Two if you get rid of all those question marks and use correct punctuation like a period would be.

Just to say, that is my exaggerated response in this bit of Social Trauma.
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Stay tuned as per request, I will be writing about how badly JLo is needed in BGW. But to prevent too many updates, I will be sure to post my essay on the matter tomorrow.
Theme park prices are constantly going up. Busch is just following on the heels of other parks around the country. You can definitely see it in the daily admission/season pass prices and in the prices for merchandise, food, upcharge extras, etc.

Even then, if you're not a fan of the prices, don't eat at the park. There are plenty of food options outside you could choose from that are cheaper (and in some cases *gasp* better). Or you could bring your own food and leave it in the car.
Ripped Reviews

This review is based on 13: Your Number's Up

Since this is a house, and a nicely organized and listed room house, I will be going room to room giving a full review. Also note, I will be giving away some scare methods used in the house and spoilers for those who have not gone through or have not paid as much attention as I have. Enjoy!

Room 1 - Fear of Funeral Homes

I really don't see what is scary about funeral homes. Funeral homes are definitely not a common fear that you think of when someone asks you what you think are the most common fears. However, I do like that it is a great entrance room. You don't get caught completely off guard right away. Which is nice to take in the general atmosphere of the house before just getting blasted with scares. Also please note, when I say scares I refer to the act of startling or catching off guard. I do not believe anyone is actually scared, just not expecting something as far as the terminology goes. The only scares in this first room is a lady with a hat that blends in with the flower arrangements and I noticed a two in one scare method, in the archway, there is a drop door and the coffin door opens up as well.

Room 2 - Fear of Enclosed Spaces

This room is always one of my top favorites. It really gives you a sense of the fear. For many people, this plays off of not just enclosed spaces but darkness as well. This is definitely a two fears in one room. I only wish it were slightly more powerful. I realize they can be inflated to be tighter to squeeze through, and they are almost on point. Otherwise, I have to say I rate this room to be one of the absolute best.

Room 3 - Fear of Doctors

I really think this room as potential but it is missing some key elements. I like the white plastic with "blood" drippings, however a person in a gurney is not necessarily an appropriate display of fear of doctors. They should have an actual doctor with something like a needle, or needles. This can be effective as needles are some of the most feared props a doctor could possibly ever use. Or perhaps a rotary saw, like the ones they use to cut through bones. Like I said this room lacks the doctor factor.

Now we take a short intermission in the waiting room. This room is not listed as a fear. It really is just a buffer point. Something to take up space. I will say that after a few comments had been made regarding this room on the forums, I do see how this room could provide a build up of anticipation. However, that would require to be in the room for longer than five seconds. As of right now, I dance through this room as it really does nothing but fill empty space with a non-listed theme.

Room 4 - Fear of Dentists

This room is ideal and room three can learn a few tricks from this one. You have the actual dentist with an actual drill. Yes you have the patient in the background as a diversion; however, you still rely on the dentist to ultimately deliver the scare. I also prefer him using the power drill over a small tooth drill because it really deliver the extra umph needed for the scare. In previous years, they just had the dentist behind the patient, which is okay but there was no real scare. This year the dentist has a hiding spot to jump out from which is amazing for a scare.

Now you take another short intermission and travel through a empty hallway. I know they could have easily fit in a good room right here. It is just a matter of getting it set up.

Room 5 - Fear of Clowns

This room is definitely amazing for those who have a phobia of clowns. It is literally filled with clowns faces everywhere staring at you. The few items hanging in this room are full body clowns, which actually look like they died from hanging themselves instead of just being hung up. There are two great spots where actors can pop out at you, and provide great scare tactics. However, in a room like this with one of the most common fears, you don't need to rely on scaring, but more just being there. Having clowns right there with air horns walking back and forth through the hallway would be ideal.

Room 6 - Fear of Going to Bed

This room is very well done. Honestly, this room needs to rely on the element of surprise and scare in order to be good. Otherwise, it is hard to pull off going to bed because your guest who is supposed to be scared is not going to bed but rather walking through. I think the wardrobe/closet drop door scare is great and catches a lot of people off guard.

Now we take a much longer intermission. This is what upsets me the most about this house. You walk through a dim hallway with clothes hanging down and a few actors in the dark, then you walk through two or three brightly lit all black rooms with a creepy girls voice wanting to play hide and seek. I hate this because there is no theme. There is nothing. There are some actors that are able to pull off some good scares, but there is literally nothing. They could have totally turned out all the lights and easily could of had a much longer room of darkness. They could have also expanded on another room, but they didn't. They left empty rooms.

Room 7 - Fear of Heights

This room pulls off an at first amazing effect. It really is amazing; however, they need to tweak a few problems. Like people walking on the mirrors. It ruins the illusion and I am sure ruins the mirrors making the effect look very worn out. If they had like pristine clean and clear mirrors, the effect would be perfect. I really think they need to do something about seeing hands in the mirrors because that right there ruins the illusion and lets you know that hey this is a mirror. Definitely a great idea, and can really get to people with the actual fear; however small improvements can be made.

Room 8 - Fear of Dead Things

This is a good room. Plenty of dead things to really get to the people who have that phobia. It does lack in a few things like scares. There is a table with chains which does great for scares, and one other person in there as well they is in the corner but does a good job at getting scares. There is not much I can say that would make this room better or worse. It is right on par with what displaying the fear and scaring people at the same time should be.

Room 9 - Fear of Snakes

If there was one room that failed to properly display the fear this room would be it. It is nothing but cameo and some rubber lines that drag on you. Otherwise, there are no snakes hanging, no snakes on walls. Just nothing. The only scare in this room is a drop door which doesn't seem to be effective. It stands out way too much. They needed much more theming for this room

Room 10 - Fear of Insects

This was more of a two in one room, but it was done poorly. The insect portion was only playing on those with the phobia. Even then it was difficult to really know the room because of the heads on a rope which made no sense. There was a wondering actor who gets a few people now and then. They also tried to blend in spider into this room but they ended up making these two themes very different. You have two victims, with one actually getting scares. Keep in mind, a guy in a white tee with spiders all over him saying spiders over and over is not scaring, it just plays on the phobia and even then I don't think it works out well.

Room 11 - Fear of Darkness

This room is way too short and disappointing. It features five feet of total darkness with one real good scare, otherwise you are in bright light and see a scare actor coming at you. Totally disappointing and non effective use of the fear.

Room 12 - Fear of Thunder and Lighting

This room has lost all sense, You can't turn a strobe on and call it lighting. They are missing the thunder, no loud booming noises to startle those that don't have the phobia, and causes headaches because the flashing lighting is too constant. Something needs to be done. All the thunder, tone down the flashing and its all good.

Room 13 - Fear of Mirrors

This room is misleading. All it does is play on people who have a fear of superstitions and hate walking under ladders. They need to incorporate more broken mirrors all over the walls and take out the ladders if they want it to be truly mirrors. I will say there is one drop door at the end with a loud audio track which can catch you if you don't expect it.

All in all, this house has the potential, but mostly plays on the phobias and doesn't really provides scares per say. I think it really just needs a few tweaks and it can be great and play on phobias and do scares. However, in its current state, I am going to have to say this is the weakest house right now.

Due to a computer error my Readers Request section has been lost forever in cyberspace. That is my topic was why JLo belongs at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I will re-write my explanation at a later date. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Social Trauma

Lynn said:
Hey, I just got home from howl o scream. I have to say I was a little disappointed this year, However:
Good Points: Loved the new scene and costumes in england and enjoyed the decor in new france/france near the griffon. And my favorite maze was "Root of all Evil". I actually got scared a couple of time lol.
Bad points (at least for me): I felt like the decor in other country's was lacking. Ive been coming for 3-4 years now and love your decor and I just was not impressed. Also there were BARLEY any scarer's this time, including in the mazes....DEADLINE is usually my favorite but you didnt even the guy in subway parked by the door, I always know he is there, but always manages to freak me out....this time nothing. You didnt have really any scare zones, no wolfs, no swamp people, clowns, anything.
I hope you guys put a little more thought into next year like you normally do.
Suggestions: I think it would be really cool to have a rine river ride made into a haunted boat ride, I think if someone planned it, you could really do a lot with it and make it unique and cool. I mean have some one zip line across the lake, COOL right?
Also Turning roman river rapids into a walk through maze would be cool, you guys normally drain it anyway.
And bring back the haunted train ride, every time im there I hear someone asking for it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And sell CDS of your howl-o-scream soundtrack that is around the park playing while im there (ALWAYS LOVE YOUR SOUNDTRACK!!!)
Last but not least, bring back the corn maze thing you had a couple of years ago, I remember constantly jumping all over the place, it was awesome!!!!

Here is my point by point response:
  • Uhm did you not get the memo of Terror-tories. They really don't need to do anything outside of those. Be happy.
  • They have a decent amount of scare actors and they are continuing to be hiring.
  • Refer you back to point 1.
  • Roman Rapids is more than just a ditch you can put stuff in. There is a lot of problems associated here, but I love that enthusiasm.
  • It is not official Busch Gardens soundtrack, it is stolen music from other artists that would ruin them if they ever dare to sell it.

A more comprehensive reply later . . . sorry its not coming, other things to cover.
Social Trauma

So in light of recent activities, I choose this post with it's corresponding comments at it seems to fit the "traumatizing" theme perfectly.

Jude said:
We really missed the one-two-three pumpkin rating scale used in the past at Howl O Scream. We had a broad age range in our family and were sorry to see that the family-friendly spooks, like the haunted train and the other one-pumpkin shows, see to have been eliminated completely. It seems much less of a unique, all ages welcome, event, and much more similar to the vast number of teenage and adult oriented haunted houses that we can find all over the area.

We did not find it to be a positive change to this event. Next year you should consider reinstating the ratings and a few kid-friendly spook houses. Or just have something special in Elmo's area at night for the littlest ones.

Now let me start off saying, I am sorry. In this day and age Halloween is becoming an ever increasing darker, mature holiday. The only thing really left for the kiddies is Trick or Treating which is slowly being turned into pre-planned, pre-organized, limited fun with only 2 to 3 hours in some areas and then a few Fall Festivals, for those who choose not to celebrate Halloween specifically but the Fall in general.

With that, I think the pumpkin ratings were terrible. They provided no real scale. It was a mix and match of well this is a house so its obviously going to be 6 pumpkins, but this is a show so its going to obviously be 2 pumpkins. It was just a system that needed to go when it came. Its funny how "one-pumpkin" shows are said to have been taken out when two out of the three shows now would be classified as "one-pumpkin".

Basically you choose to read through what the event actually contains and just throw everything under the bus right? From my understanding there is Dig It Up, Night Beats, Pumpkin Paintings, The Count's Halloween Spooktacular, Sesame Street until 8PM that are all family-friendly or wait, they are KIDsiderate. That right there is 5, yes count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 things that are KIDsiderate at the park this time of year. Four being primarily Halloween related. Sorry they don't want kids in the park so they can cry and ruin the experience for those that actually pay for the scare experiences.

Well, I can tell you it used to be. I have not been in a few years, but about 5 years ago, they specifically had the one-pumpkin offerings, shows, and the train, geared towards young children. It was DEFINITELY a family event in the past.

The train is still there, the shows are still there, and there are other smaller thing around the park still for kids. Please tell me how those are not family-friendly or basically KIDsiderate as opposed to five years ago.

And that is all the drama for my Social Trauma post. Just an over the top response for this post and comment.
Factual Facts

Here are a few facts I found out all being as of 2010,

33 fire hydrants are located on park property,

Just over 200 commercial buildings on park property, and

Elevation in the park ranges from 30 feet to 90 feet.
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Reader Request

So this was not specifically requested, more or less supported. So here is a personal picture I was able to get that you may never see again. I commend those who can point out what everything in the picture is/represents.

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