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Dec 23, 2011

So here we go, an edited updated version of how Root of All Evil may probably been better.

The storyline of visiting the park's greenhouses and something goes horribly wrong is good, but lets make it better. How about they give a specific story about the Lady of the Gardens and explain how she came to be. Like a background story for whole Dark Side of the Gardens theme. For example, a little girl gets lost in the park's greenhouse after wandering off away from her parents into an employees only area, and then bad things happen like a zombie mutation, and after all these years she is claiming the park to be hers. Gives it a little depth into the background of the Lady and the theme of the event.

If this maze is about going through the park's greenhouses in an employee only area, then they should do just that. I think they should have the entrance to the line say Team Members Only Please, Thank You, and then have the sign taken of by vines with the eyeball rose. It's an employee area, why not leave it so? I understand not showing guest all the behind the scenes stuff, but there is no need to cover up a whole bunch of things that guests should expect to see in an employee area. Not saying the park should just let guests walk into an employee area without limitations to what they see, but don't try to cover up everything, especially putting random plants along there. Plus rock speakers in an employee area? Come on, the illusion is broken already, use the real speakers, the ones that guest can see as well throughout the park, that look like real speakers.

I think the layout of the house needs to focus more specifically on the greenhouse idea. Build the mini green houses to be long, like actual greenhouses, scaled down a bit, and then in between these greenhouses have plants in actual pots not those ugly boxes, and have plants that would usually be in the park's green house. Huge trees can make walls, but really, if the greenhouses are going to be your rooms, you should only need small pathways between them and they could use hanging plants from like a wire to be used as a wall. Make it more of a real green house feel. Have the scare actors dress in the actual Landscaping Team Member Costumes. If they want to split groups up with separate paths, do it inside a greenhouse. Each greenhouse can have multiple things on on inside not just one main theme, Poison room, etc. Try to have many things going on in one place.

If you are going to sell pictures of going through a maze, have the camera hidden inside the house and not pre-plan it just outside the front door. A photo of a truly unexpected scare and picture is ten times better.
I don't think the theme was the problem, it's the lack of effort/money put into the theme. It has a great story, nobody knows about it though.
I mean really. Nothing scares me more than walking through a bunch of flower pots. Hunted was a better root of all evil - the werewolves. It needs to be much darker, I think the location was the main issue.
Is their any sort of trail throughout the woods they could use? That would be cool for RoAE. The haunted house I helped out in was in the woods. And at night, that was one creepy place
All the maze really needed was better scares.

- The scares that were done well were done REALLY well.
- The scares that were crappy were REALLY crappy

There wasn't much middle ground.

So to expand on that. The maze doesn't need employee uniforms, they just need better makeup. Make it actually look like you were attacked by plants. Not paste children's arts and crafts projects to your face. Is it really that difficult to have a guy dressed up as a living plant? How about dressing some people up in zombie camo and have them hiding in the patches of trees/around certain corners of the greenhouses?

Decorative elements like statues and pots go a long way. The Lady of the Gardens was great. Expand on that a little. Maybe give her her own statue army to control. Doesn't sound too hard does it?

The greenhouses themselves are alright, although they back up a bit much. The greenhouses work best with props and hiding spots. Make sure you have plenty of those around.

Anyone complaining about walking on pavement "ruining" anything has never been to a greenhouse before. ;)

Theming doesn't really need to be extensive, just have good actors, props to work with, makeup that doesn't look cheap, and a good number of places to hide and you've got a great maze.
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