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Gavin rm -r *▌
Sep 27, 2009
Skyland Estates, Virginia
I did it again, this time with Kings Dominion. I'll post a Google Map image with the property lines overlaid, when I get a chance to install Google Earth. All information is compiled from public county records, and is available in it's original form below.

Basic Facts:

Kings Dominion
Acreage (rounded): 873 (combined), 611 (Parcel #1), 112 (Parcel #2), 151 (Parcel #3)
Estimated Value: Unknown (lack of info on the County's part)
It should be noted that Paramount Parks Inc is listed as the owner of all 3 parcels.

I in no way, own the linked files or data in them as they are property of Hanover County. I make no representation on the accuracy of the data, nor does Hanover County. They are available for public online viewing at the following link:

Kings Dominion (Tax IDs 7893-02-7643, 7883-80-3347, 7882-88-9404) Click 'Enter Mapping and Data Section' at the top.
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Gavin what do the four colored Zones on the map mean? I assumed Parcels but you listed only 3 parcels in the first post and there are 4 colored zones.
This isn't directly related to KD's property, but could possibly impact it in some way. The Bear Island paper mill plant that you see from every tall ride at KD, is closing. Over 150 people will be laid off. This is a very new story developing, and there aren't many details yet.
^^-- Park may smell better than some times in the past.

I see the recently cleared area south of TT is not owned by the park.
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