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General Information:​

"Project Drachen Spire," is a community-generated identifier for the Intamin-made, multi-launch, shuttle giga coaster that was originally slated to open at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2021. The attraction is planned to utilize the currently-vacant land behind Verbolten, Festhaus Park—the former home of Drachen Fire.

The coaster's main layout—as leaked before the addition was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic—featured two launches, two spikes (one spiral, one vertical-ish), and a couple of banked turns. Drachen Spire was designed to run two trains by means of a pair of switch tracks connecting the primary, shuttle portion of the layout to the station platform.

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Starflyer comes with a light package usually and I doubt Kingsmill would allow that.

I think it's a drop tower like FF
So slight predictor out there: MMXX's height waiver was filed in 2017, 2019 ground breaking, 2020 opening.

Follow the pattern here: 2019 height waiver, 2021 ground breaking, 2022 opening.

So 2 years between coasters, after 3 years from InvadR to MMXX. More closely related to the Hersheypark cycle of coaster building.
Oh boy here we go again. No WAY this is another big coaster is it? Has any park gotten 2 major coasters over the span of a year or 2? Besides Cedar Point?
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Oh please oh please oh please

Lift hill might be a bit of a trick though.
I wish it could be a Mäch Tower replacement. Perhaps with the new Intamin partnership, BGW may twin with BGT again for the Falcon's Fury style drop tower. Anything's an improvement to MT but I fairly enjoyed Falcon's Fury and would love one here.
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