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Nov 30, 2018
Next attraction should be #Adequately Staffed Park. Lets invest in the employees to bring the park back to 2019 and before staff levels. Hell they can even market that on TV and billboards.
This and a parking payment pavilion that can actually handle the crowds that come in on an average day.
May 11, 2011
Northern VA
Busch Gardens, at its current staffing clip, can barely handle a bad thunderstorm, yet alone opening Pantheon and something else in 2023...

I pray for nothing else but additional well-trained people with a passion for customer service and safety. The coasters would be the cherry on top, and the cherry on that would be staff to operate them efficiently.

I love cherries, but for now, we must sift through the raisins at the bottom of the cup. I can't wait to visit again, YouTube POV vids from 2019 are making me emotional! 🤣
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Feb 14, 2019
What they will do is "close" an older roller coaster when under staffed to open up a newer roller coaster to drive attendance.

So which will it be? LNM may seen obvious but it's a classic so unlikely unless they're planning on removing it - which is also unlikely. I can see maybe Alpengeist though that takes a good chunk of capacity along with the other B&Ms. Maybe Tempesto or InVadr, though both require minimal ride crews so not sure they'd really gain much staff that way... And would lose capacity (especially important for InVadr).


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Jun 16, 2013
There's no reason to believe we're losing a coaster anytime soon. BGW is on a quest to become the best rides park in the region. They'll work out their staffing issues in time.
Unless something changes dramatically in the coming months there should be a lot more international labor available in 2022 then there was in 2021 which should be a big boost to all parks.
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