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Definitely better than this little design that was for sale when the 4Ds first became available:
at lest we know they are ready to start putting up the track and supports, i wonder how the prep work on the ground is going.
Who knows what's gotten cut thanks to the recession, but I wonder if there were ever plans for this ride to bring some sort of revitalization to that area of Safari Village sort of like Delirium brought to Candy Apple Grove in 2016 and Twisted Timbers brought to its corner of the CAG in 2018. While all the other areas of the park have gotten some love in the past few years, Safari Village has really fallen by the wayside.
I guess we can say this all but confirms that Safari Village will remain Safari Village instead of being rethemed into Blue Ridge Forest or something. I say that fully aware of Old VAs existence.
I'm just hearing about this blue ridge forest idea..was this a real thing?
The bamboo supports look amazing and will look really nice with the green track. If you're going to add a 4D Free Spin, giving it a thematic design definitely helps. I'm looking forward to trying it.
It’s probably going to be some animal that people think are scary but really harmless.

New for 2020: Ball Python
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