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Also don't forget the CP is supposedly getting a coaster and a bunch of stuff in 2020 to commemorate their 150th anniversary
I could see the anniversary itself as a big enough draw that they don't need to build another coaster. But then again, this is Cedar Point.
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I meant more along the lines of KD stealing another park’s project.

OHHH.... then I’m for it. I just want a new coaster. Something of the Copperhead Strike or Yukon Striker variety.

Which brings me to another thing... whatever the project ends up being, it BETTER have “Strike” somewhere in it to keep up with Cedar Fair’s recent theming (sort of like “Timbers” is seen at other parks outside of ours). Can anyone think of a name with “Strike” in it that fits with an African Safari theme?
Speaking of the “Strikers,” both parks teased their 2019 additions with in-park posters similar to this one. Part of me things they wouldn’t be going this far if it wasn’t a coaster for 2020.
The wording of “horizons” on the poster makes me feel like it alludes to a B&M dive or a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster which has been marketed as a dive coaster with Hangtime. Both models of coasters are fairly compact and easy to market, also usually reliable which is something this park needs.
King Cobra Strike fits, interestingly enough.

Maybe just Cobra Strike.

I just thought about it... as much as I like that name, I highly doubt that the park will have two snake-themed coasters right near each other.
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I think something like that in Old Virginia area where Dinosaurs Alive was with the name "Smokey Mountains Village" would be a great thing.

As for VTBC replacement, I've suggested doing a Hangtime clone. "Wakonyingo Striker"
clearly they are re-opening the animal park and this is going to be for the monorail station. DUH!

I actually saw someone say this on social media and I was WEAK. ?

No way they’re putting a Safari Park in that small spot... I would want to see a monorail, though.
I could see the anniversary itself as a big enough draw that they don't need to build another coaster. But then again, this is Cedar Point.
They've said they are going to have lots of celebrations and are building a ride of some kind. I'm sure it's all going to be pretty expensive.

That being said as has been pointed out there are a number of options for what could be happening. They could have been creating replacement in the event they ever reached the point where it wasn't worth it to salvage the ride. It is also possible that they felt the need to replace this sooner because of MMXX and they moved plans for 2021 up a year.
I will say, in the four and a half decades they’ve existed, BGW and KD have never opened a major coaster the same year. That doesn’t mean things don’t change, but if the Volcano replacement is in fact a coaster and does open in 2020 alongside BGW’s project MMXX, that would buck a trend that dates back to 1975.
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Or most people are missing the forest for the trees, and the sign is just a simple callback to the older history of the park. Carowinds did this sort of stuff a ton and I would not be surprised that Kings Dominion would join suit considering their cross-contamination of administration.
Not including the coasters that opened with the parks, there is:
Flight of Fear and Wilde Maus - 1996
Taxi Jam (GPC) and Alpengiest - 1997
So its more like 2 decades.

I said major coasters. Since I can’t see Volcano being replaced with an off the shelf portable wild mouse or a kiddie coaster, I stand by my point.
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