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May 9, 2019
They're doubling down on attempting to reinforce the new theming is what I get from that.

I guess we'll see next year if it's a new ride, some paint jobs, and a new sign or two, or something much larger.

What's the guess next August we may see a much larger attraction of some sort announced? Not necessarily a coaster, or even a ride - thinking maybe they do a permanent food hall concept with theater space (think more outdoors like the San Marco theater than Das Festhaus).

Kings Dominion would do very well to have a fully enclosed, or at least partially enclosed dining area; especially if they plan to mimic the year-round schedule of BGW. Even for Winterfest, it would be a nice option to be indoors at something in-between San Marco and Festhaus to provide shelter from the elements. I guess this is predicated upon how much of the Volcano layout is used for a replacement ride(s).
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Nov 1, 2012
I don't think KD went to all that trouble to tease out 6 GPS coordinates and place 6 custom posters related to ancient civilizations and their temples/cities just to give a general environment theme for Tumbili and the base camp with a revamped restaurant and gift shop.

That being said, Tumbili and the revamped restaurant and gift shop are the 2022 headliners. I could see up to 3 existing attractions get a new name/general theming for next year (Best bets, Avalanche, Scrambler, and Stunt Coaster).

** IF ** there was a potential for another ride attraction next year, there might be 1 or 2 flat rides added. But, they would be of the scale/scope of the Scrambler, not Delirium sized.
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Jul 5, 2017
^I mean this is Cedar Fair. The only ride they are building for 2022 is an S&S Free Spin at KD they already announced that to their investors. They are by far the most conservative of the major chains when it comes to new rides.
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