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My theory would be that they wanted to preserve the function of the service road that connects to Roman Rapids. I have a feeling they wanted to keep the service road separate from the access paths to the new area. Also, it makes much more sense from an operations standpoint to avoid an at-grade crossing.
I tend to agree for a couple of reasons.
First, they need to get service/emergency vehicles to that end of Festa. The new bridge allows this during park operating hours.
Secondly, I'm assuming that the pasture area opposite the Circo area is where the animals will now graze. They need to walk the horses (as they do now) via the Italy back roads to and from the stables.
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Something I've been working on...


I've spent a lot of time today looking through the support structures of recent Intamin projects. I think the map above includes what is likely a more accurate layout than the one I posted on Friday. One or two derivatives of the map above will be a core part of the massive, upcoming update to the front page post. That said, since I know a lot of people are looking for an accurate composite map (and many rough, inaccurate ones have been floating around out there online already), I figured I'd post this to the forum tonight.

PS: Note the pasture expansion across the tracks!
Yay! I love new info. That plot of land is easily large enough for a new land. Is that what we're looking at?

And what are they building in the Rhine?

And how do I still have more questions?
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I wonder how bgw's compares to the parc asterix overhead shot. Is this one more along soaring with dragon and focusing on speed? Maybe instead of a top hat it will be the tallest non inverting loop in the us?
It looks like a top hat for sure. A non inverting loop would appear more like a distorted vertical loop on the overhead.
Spring Green with scarlet supports and brown trains
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