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Apr 7, 2013
Just rode Guardians twice (in one day), this weekend. The front of the train is the better spot. I thought the theming was fine, but the “normal” queue is much better than the Lightning Lane queue. I didn’t really see any obvious budget cuts, but I also know the ride had an enormous cost. No spoilers… but it continues the new queue” illusion” trend in Orlando parks. Not really sure what to compare the coaster ride experience to. Happy with the 42-inch height requirement. It was smoooooooth. I can certainly see how it causes nausea. We had two different songs. As a Disney / EPCOT fan, I really enjoyed the story and its connection to Disney World. The story gets “rushed / lost” somewhat in the actual ride experience… but it is a roller coaster moving fairly quickly.
Oct 15, 2019
Warrenton, VA
Had the chance to preview on my CP and I wholeheartedly agree, although I do prefer the 2nd to last row for the time jump. During the preview it bypassed the pre-show so it was incredibly confusing and even on the full version it doesn't seem to be as cohesive of a story onride. Still Loads of great fun with good forces in parts though.
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