Project 2022 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

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Busch Gardens needs a Flying Coaster
Jul 7, 2017
Williamsburg VA

This is the layout I wish this ride had if we're going for pretty much the same idea and site. It would've made much more sense from a viewing standpoint at the Italy bridge and you'd still have the high point in a similar area as well as keeping the valley launch. It also isn't right on top of Verbolten.
Jul 5, 2017
Why do I feel like 7 years from now people will still be complaining about this online? I can't imagine how enthusiasts near MiA, or in Montana or Washington or North Dakota really anywhere with nothing like Virginia has must feel reading posts with the negativity around this thing I have seen. I reached an age where I realized the only thing to do is be happy with whatever the hell a theme park corporation builds, corporations are motivated by money and money only and I'm personally thrilled that SEAS decided to add two exciting intamins to one of my home parks, in fact I couldn't be more excited about BGWs future.

I already stress about my career, politics, my health, the future, a pandemic, my dog, etc. I'd rather just focus on positives when it comes to this stuff because it's a semi uncommon occurrence in my life to enjoy roller coasters. Sure this isn't the big orgasm giga I imagine some people had in mind but it will still be a lot of fun to ride based on Intamins track record the last few years and there's absolutely nothing else like it in the world which honestly gets my jollies off right there. If you need a complete circuit giga then I mean it's not like there isn't another one in this exact state Busch Gardens is in literally an hour away, and if you don't like I305 then I'm sorry the two 300+ foot roller coasters in Virginia are not satisfactory to your needs then drive to Charlotte, NC for Fury 325. Again there are THREE 300 foot roller coasters within relatively easy driving distance for most of us once this thing opens. If these circumstances are unsatisfactory to people then it's a personal problem and that alone. The GP will eat Drachen Spire right up producing quality $s for SEAS, friends and family will talk about how cool it was going high up and then backwards and how it was soooooo fast or whatever and that works just fine for Busch Gardens.

Okay I'm done ranting.
Feb 14, 2019
Is it just me or are the planned support columns for the spire a bit overkill?

Thinking if they're beefy enough the park could eventually add an observation deck or something to it... Maybe even as part of a larger mini-hamlet addition if they were to ever change their position on such things.

Edit: just to be clear, I'm aware that any future changes would have to go through the county's planning/permitting processes too, so KM residents could block that from happening just as well.
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