Project 2022 (?): Festhaus Park Giga Coaster

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Jul 5, 2017
The first statement sure, the second is far more subjective - how good the ride is perceived as helps increase the marketing value.

Nobody cares that it beats a bunch of records and is one of a kind if it's shitty.
True I was focusing on the first half of the statement to be honest hahaha.
Oct 7, 2011
Personally, I'd make the distinction between "this ride will exist as a marketing tool" and "this ride will only exist as a marketing tool."

Though I have a handful of rides in mind from various parks, which IMO do fall into that second bucket.

It gets tricky when you meet that odd individual who claims to love the ride you feel is SO CLEARLY in that "only" bucket. Who could possibly like that heap of trash? Oh god, does this mean there are possibly a ton of people who somehow genuinely enjoy it as an attraction? Are they going to have the park convinced to do more of the same? A perpetual future lineage of gimmicky engineered nonsense? Is this the exact moment I'll look back at years from now as the delineation between a world with at least some great new rides and a world in which Every 👏 New 👏 Major 👏 Ride 👏 Installation 👏 is a lame two-season cash grab novelty with little to no staying power for people like me who know what it feels like to experience the offerings of an eternally damned-good attraction? They're gonna give up on the high road and aim for this guy over here instead? Sonofa... does this simpleton vote? I hope not. I really hope not.


Those rides aren't only marketing tools after all, I suppose: they are also delivery vessels for intensely depressing existential angst. Should some parks drop the specific term "amusement" and call themselves emotion parks?

It is a blessing that I don't have more free time.
Nov 30, 2018
Personally I’d like to see the front half of the train face forward and the back half face backwards—I think it would really boost rerideability.
Spinning cars if they were programmed for a certain ride experience would be useful for making this more than a shuttle ride.
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